My Week in Food

I swear I eat healthy. Even though all of the photos you see below will make you think otherwise. I just never seem to take a photo of the big, healthy salads we have for dinner. Maybe I think “bad” food is more interesting to document? 🙂 Either way I had some great and not so great food experiences this week. Time to share!

That glorious-ness was my lunch on Thursday. I have been so good about bringing my lunch to work, but we were low on supplies so I had to order out that day. There’s not a lot of healthy options nearby and I quickly got a craving for BBQ. Especially when I remembered that Smokin’ J’s just opened down the road. They’ve had a place in Gulfport for quite awhile and are pretty well known. I got the pulled pork with a small side of mac and cheese and beans. Yes, those are considered small sides. I love big portions, but I hate having to reign myself back from eating everything up! I hate of all this and brought the rest home for Jon. This was really good BBQ. The pork was nice and tender and slightly smokey. The sauce was on the sweet and tangy side, which is how I like it. I prefer the kind of mac and cheese that’s thicker and has bread crumbs on top, but this was pretty good too. The beans were excellent with little bits of meat mixed in. Could have done without the day old roll.

That same night after dinner, Jon and I went to meat up with a friend on the beach. Everyone on the beach knows about Twistee Treat.

Jon and I hadn’t been there since we were in school. Soft serve has definitely grown on me over the years. Could have had more vanilla flavor, but this puppy was still delish…espicially with the rainbow sprinkles 🙂 Felt like a kid again!

Friday I had a meeting at Ale and the Witch after work. I tried the new Woodchuck Spring cider, which was crisp and light with a hint of caramel. Perfect on a sunny, slightly breezy day.

After my meeting I headed to Three Birds Tavern to meet up with Jon and a few friends for dinner. We were so excited since we hadn’t been in awhile, but unfortunately we ended up having to leave. One of my friends is a vegetarian and she was looking forward to their grilled chedder sandwich. It wasn’t on the menu anymore (which we know menu changes happen) so she tried ordering the grilled cheese menu off the kids menu and they wouldn’t let her. They have very few vegetarian options and she didn’t want the other options they had. They pretty much refused to do anything for her…even when she offer to may double the price of the kids grilled cheese. It was not a good experience so we finished our drinks and decided to head to The Avenue.

I had been here for drinks before, but not food. We sat out on the back patio, which lacked some greenery, but was otherwise quite nice. Our waitress was friendly and very nice. I ordered the hunch punch and the Bacon Cheeseburger with BBQ sauce and fries.

I eat burgers very rarely. This was a good one. Flavor was great and it was cooked perfectly. I asked if they make their fries, which the server said no, but they were still crispy and tasty. Hunch punch was fruity and refreshing. I love when drinks are served in mason jars.

The next morning Jon and I were up early to take our cars in for oil changes. We decided to get bagels at St. Pete Bagel Company. We’d never been, but I’ve heard it’s the “go to” place for bagels in St. Pete. Unfortunately, we were disappointed. We actually think that the bagel place by our house is much better…they have bigger bagels and they have more flavor. Something was off about the dough too. Also wasn’t crazy about the cream cheese either. Jon got their lox spread, which had the lox already mixed in where as the place near us actually has huge bits of lox mixed in with the cream cheese. We also shared an apple fritter, which was pretty good. All of their donuts looked fantastic! And Jon said the coffee was excellent. The service was also pretty good. They had a lot of people, but the line moved quickly and efficiently.

Later that day, this happened.

I’d never seen a 3D movie before and it was pretty cool. Especially the parts where they show the ship under water and all the water particles are flying at you.

Have you had a bad restaurant experience lately? What was the worst experience you’ve had?

Low Key is the Key

After a long, strenuous week there’s nothing like a low key weekend with your favorite gal pals.

Friday I was uber tired and didn’t want to do too much. The Chef had gone home for the weekend and I needed dinner so my friend and I decided to meet up. We decided on Three Birds Tavern, which is a regular place for us. One of the few restaurants in St. Pete that is consistently good.

We started off with sharing the veggie egg rolls, which was a special that night. They were chock full of avocado and had a nice bit of spice to them.

For my entree, out waitress had me at “diver sea scallops” when reciting the specials.

Partnered with bacon brittle and paired with mashed potatoes and their signature garlic spinach this was a perfect Friday night dinner. Kendra was our waitress and was so nice and conversational. We had a little problem with receiving the happy hour special…we arrived before 7 but by the time someone came to our table it was after 7…but she fixed it right away.

After dinner we were in need of a sweet treat. Gelato! It took awhile since it was a Friday night, but we eventually found a spot close enough to Paciugo.

Extra dark chocolate and creme caramel…marriage made in heaven.

Accompanied with a walk through the park.

We rounded off the night with a glass of champagne in my friend’s courtyard.

Saturday I had to wait on a plumber…luckily he came early so I didn’t have to wait around most of the day. I worked on a present for a friend’s bridal shower (details will be in an upcoming crafts post). Then I headed to my friend’s place again so we and another good friend of ours could lounge by the pool while sipping on margaritas. We took a trip to Taco Bus as well…you would have thought it was Cinco de Mayo rather than Labor Day weekend 😉 It was a perfect not too hot, not too sunny type of day and was oh so chill.

We took a stroll downtown and stopped for a drink at Mandarin Hide. I can’t really take most bars on a weekend because they get so crowded and obnoxious. Luckily we found our own little corner and had fun people watching, which included a group of sailors and a bachelorette party haha.

Today I had a bridal shower to go to at Parkshore Grill. I normally don’t like the food there, but today it was really good! I had the Parkshore Burger that was topped with maytag bleu cheese, bacon and caramelized onions. Served with a side of vegetable salad, which was broccoli and cauliflower in a light dressing with a little cheese. The bride used to work there so she was able to tell me that they make most of their stuff in house and nothing is frozen.  All meat and seafood is fresh and some of it’s local. It was a small party with a few girls I’ve never met so it was low key and fun. They had done the bachelorette party the night before so it was fun to hear about all the shenanigans 🙂

The Chef just got home from work…we have a game night to attend tonight. So glad I have off work tomorrow! I love 3 day holiday weekends!

Conversation Starter: What’s on your agenda this weekend? Do you prefer low key nights or nights out on the town?