Fashion’s Night Out

Did everyone survive the short week? I love 4 day work weeks, but man I lose track of what day it is multiple times.

Last year I went to Fashion’s Night Out at International Plaza in Tampa with some girlfriends and it was a blast. It’s basically a time for you to walk around to different stores and check out the new fall fashions. Most stores have special sales and promotions going on, free gifts or even cocktails. There’s also fun stuff going on around the mall such as a fashion show, red carpet photos, DJs, etc. It was a fun girls night out last year so when I saw it was coming up again this year I immediately messaged the same girls to see if they wanted to re-live the fun. Unfortunately, some couldn’t make it, but we still had a fun evening.

My only complaint is that there isn’t enough time to visit all the stores you want. Plus we all wanted to stop in other places as well and browse (hey, we’re at a mall aren’t we?)

(Nordstrom has the best shoe selection!)

I’ve become very cautious over the years about spending money and have noticed it’s really hard for me to buy things that I don’t necessarily need. But I guess that’s a good thing right? The only thing I ended up with was some new concealer from Sephora. I do want to go back and visit H&M because there were some cute dresses!

(I’m officially a Kate Spade fan.)

We mostly just walked around to different stores to see what sales and promotions they had going on. We missed the Dillard’s fashion show 😦 And there were some other fun things going on like getting your photo taken with a Katy Perry look-a-like and red carpet photos with a fancy car.

Before we knew it it was almost 9 p.m. and dinner was needed. We ended up at Brio, which I’ve never been to. It was very nice inside with a comfortable atmosphere.

I had a refreshing glass of Presseco.

And for an entrée I ordered the Pasta Alla Vodka, which was delicious. The pasta was similar to tortellini and the sauce was very flavorful and not too thick. The pancetta on top rounded out the dish. The price point isn’t too bad here either for a nice dinner out.

After dinner it was back to St. Pete. I. was. pooped.

Did you go to a Fashion’s Night Out event where you live?

Chevy Fit 4 Life Tour

So, I had a pretty awesome day on Sunday.

I’m part of the local Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers group and a few weeks ago this popped up on Facebook.

Um, yes please!

The whole event was from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., which seems like a long day, but it went by pretty fast. And I was grateful that it didn’t start really early so I had time to sleep in 🙂 Cause sleep is important for a healthy life right?

Our first stop was a class at Lifestyle Family Fitness in Hyde Park. I didn’t realize that every first Sunday there’s a market in Hyde Park…I wish I had had time to walk around, it looked wonderful!

(Via Caroline)

After the group was gathered we took a quick jog around the building and were then told we’d be doing a boot camp style workout. I was thrilled to hear this because I’ve taken a group class at Lifestyles before and wasn’t thrilled with it so was hoping for a boot camp.

Our instructor was John and he was awesome. He was nice and funny, but also encouraging and he pushed each and every one of us through the workout.

(Via Caroline)

We did a few different circuits of different exercises. By the end we had done kettle swings, TRX pull ups, push ups, V sit ups, jumping lunges and a whole mess of others.

(Via Caroline)

By the time we were done I saw we had only worked out for about a half hour. I thought to myself that I’ve definitely done more intense workouts, but it was still good and sweaty. And I was definitely sore the next day, so the workout did it’s job in my book 🙂

(Via Caroline)

Oh and there was a plank contest at the end. The person who held their plank the longest got to test drive a Chevy for a week. I failed 😦 I couldn’t hold past 1:30, but the winner went up to 3:00 minutes!!

After we all got cleaned up and changed we headed outside to these babies.

Five Chevy cars were awaiting us to be driven around town. Sweet!

I really liked the blue Chevy Cruze so I hopped in the car with Christie of Baby Boot Camp and Christie of Average Moms Wear Capes.

I don’t know a lot about cars, but I really liked this one! Nice amount of space, comfy seats, smooth ride. I’m such a girl because I chose this one by its color, but I do like a higher up SUV kinda car.

Our second destination was Fit Life Foods, which I’d never heard of, but wow what a place! Basically it’s a grab and go kind of cafe where you can stop in for a meal or buy meals for the whole week. They come in recyclable containers and different sizes (S, M, L). They focus on healthy comfort food with a good balance of nutrients and no preservatives. And everything is made on site. I like it!

After much debate I went with the Chicken Meatballs. It was very good, flavorful and fresh tasting. However it didn’t fill me up like I wanted it to. I’m such a big eater!

Luckily they also let us take a freshly made bar with us to 🙂 This was great!

Washed down with some Honest Tea.

Great stop for lunch overall. So glad I learned about this place. I’m sad they don’t have a store in St. Pete (yet) but they do deliver their meals to Yogurtology if you order from them.

All the Chevy Fit 4 Life Tour girls!

Next stop, Painting with a Twist!

This was my second time doing a painting class here so I was excited. I knew what to expect and was ready to have fun with painting.

Our instructor, Tobey, was cute as a button and did a great job at leading us through the painting.

Normally, I’m very exact in these kinds of activities and feel the need to do everything exactly right. But I let that go during this class and allowed myself to be a bit more creative. We painted “The Black Dress”, which was so easy to make your own.

The progression of my painting:

Loved how everyone’s came out different!

After saying goodbye to Painting with a Twist we headed back to Lifestyles. The last part of the day was a yoga class in the park, but it was optional so this is where we broke up. I really wanted to do yoga, but was not up for hot and sweaty yoga outside in the heat so I opted out and headed back to St. Pete.

Thank you Lifestyles, Fit Life Foods, Painting with a Twist and of course, Chevy, for putting together such an awesome day!

Whacky Wednesday

I love concerts. I love friends. I love Jon.

I love “Whacky Wednesdays”.

Yesterday Jon and I got pumped up to go see The Mountain Goats at Crowbar in Ybor City. I’m not a big fan of Ybor and had never been to Crowbar so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

We started off our night at Pho Quyen with the normal delicious Vietnamese food.

Luckily it didn’t take us too long to find a good parking spot. We walked by Crowbar and the line was looong so we made a stop at Gaspar’s Grotto to have a drink first. By the time we got back the line was gone 🙂

Crowbar is actually a pretty neat place. Strings of white Xmas lights give a nice ambiance and they have a nice outdoor patio area. There’s 3 bars so you hardly have to wait for a drink. Actually we didn’t have to wait at all and the bartender was super nice. Drinks were a reasonable price as well at $5 wells.

Once the first band came on (Nurses) it was easy to see that there wasn’t a bad standing spot in the place. Also, the show was sold out, but I never felt overcrowded.

After the first band finished I got a text from our friend Nick, which was a photo of Jon’s sister, Tori looking up at the Crowbar sign. I was a bit confused and then got really excited as I texted back “Are you here???” Mind you they both live in Cape Coral so it’s not like we see them that often. And they’re awesome people. Hence the excitement. Then came another text to go outside.

Those goofballs.

Unfortunately somebody didn’t have tickets so somebody couldn’t get into the show. So we directed them to Gaspar’s Grotto and we went in to enjoy the awesomeness that was The Mountain Goats.

After the show we met back up with them and all I can say is I really should have taken more photos. I played beer pong for the second time in my life (Note: I do not like or drink beer and I was also the DD so none was consumed) and I’m actually pretty darn good at it 😉

Here’s to continued fun into the weekend!

Have you been to any fun concerts lately?