Epic Snow Crab Dinner

Happy almost Friday!

It’s been a week full of meetings around here. Monday was a BAIT Nite meeting (event I’m helping plan for The Pier Aquarium) then a St. Pete Young Professionals meeting. I have to say I’m really enjoying SPYP. I joined through work and I feel much more connected to what’s going on in our fine city and how we can better it. Tuesday was a St. Pete Shakes meeting. Great things happening! Including our Beer with the Bard event that starts June 14.

Yesterday’s convo with myself:

Self 1: It’s too hot to run.

Self 2: But the treadmill is soooo boring!

Self 1: Ok, let’s do this. 2 miles shouldn’t be too bad.

Self 2: Woo, I feel great! Maybe 3 miles?

Self 1: Let’s do it!

Self 2: Ok, now I’m feelin’ the heat. Maybe just 2.

Self 1: How about 2.25?

Self 2: Ok, I’ll power through…how about 2.5?

Self 1: Ok, we need to head back cause Imadienow.

Needless to say I had a very mentally tough run yesterday. Since there’s no races coming up I’m purely doing maintenance runs and sometimes I feel like I want to go farther than I am. But yesterday’s heat definitely got to me halfway through.

It’s views like these though that keep me outdoors.

Afterwards I treated myself to the supposed best post workout snack.

I failed to notice how much sugar it has though…26 grams per glass! Are there any brands that have less sugar?

I also did a bit more research on the whole chocolate milk thing. Apparently it is proven to be the best post workout drink because it rehydrates with a good mix of carbs, protein and fat to rebuild your muscles. BUT it seems like it’s best for long distance runners and more serious athletes. Hm. I might not need it for my measly 2-3 miles. Oops.

After I showered and changed I headed to the beach to meet up with Jon and some friends for a snow crab dinner. It was epic for sure.

Grilled corn. It was so sweet and delicious!

Grilled pineapple. Yum!

Boiled snow crabs, andouille sausage and red potatoes. Holy yum. I had quite the time trying to crack the crab legs to get the meat out…Jon had to do most of it for me! I don’t like to work for my food 🙂

Our friend Scotty has a special way of buttering his corn.

Apparently you fill a jug with water and put melted butter on the top. Stick your corn in and that way all of the kernels get covered in butter. It certainly worked but I never heard of this!

What a feast!

BAIT Night is tonight…very excited! Recap to come.