Girls Just Want to Have Fun

What. A. Week

Of fun!

Jon’s sister and our friend Nick ended up staying another night 🙂 I already had plans for a nail/hair/dinner date with my mom so that happened first. We had dinner at Tijuana Flats. We’ve been there a few times now and before that I hadn’t been since college. I must say it’s a lot better than I remembered! For a chain they really have it going on. They make everything to order, use hormone free chicken and you can customize your meal like crazy. And even though it’s no Taco Bus, they’re food always tastes pretty fresh! I’m a fan 🙂

Once I got home we rallied to go out for a drink at our fav place, The Ale and the Witch. They’re having their 1 year anniversary this week! We all were a bit tired so no whacky shenanigans except for going through silly trivia cards and laughing at how easy and/or ridiculous they are.

I’m usually no good on Fridays. The weight of the week just makes me want to lounge on the couch all night. And I was especially tired after a long week of nights out and visitors. Alas, I rallied for a girls night at my friend Rebekah’s. Glad I did!

It was low key, which was just what I needed.

White wine, beer cheese dip with bread and fritos, hummus and veggies, brownies and banana nut muffins. Yum.

Those movies never made it on. Instead we ended up gabbing all night about high school boyfriends and cats 🙂

Saturday was filled with errands with Mom, plus a stop for homemade ice cream. I was feeling the urge to satisfy my inner child and got Superman.

Yummy and fun to eat. Anyone know exactly what’s in this stuff?

Sunday was ultimate girliness. Jon’s mom and sisters came up for the day to accompany me and my mom to the Junior League’s Tea Party at the Hilton Bayfront.

I volunteered to be a model in the fashion show so I had to get there early to rehearse. Luckily I was done right as everyone was taking their seats. I had an hour to peruse the raffle items, eat some finger sandwiches and cupcakes and chat before I was needed backstage.

I love the rush of being on stage. A fashion show feels the same to me as a show, except there’s no long weeks of rehearsals and no lines to memorize. It’s just get up there and strut your stuff. Or “turn and burn” as Jon’ sister Tori put it 😛 Getting your hair done and putting on pretty clothes certainly helps the experience as well. I wore some red jeans and a black party dress that I absolutely loved from White House Black Market. Maybe they’ll show up at the outlet in a few months?

After the party we headed back to mine and Jon’s place, where he had a delicious roast pork, black beans and rice and plantain dinner waiting for us.

Jon’s black beans and rice would most definitely be on my “Last Meal” plate.

The night ended with Dulce de Leche cheesecake. It didn’t turn out like Jon wanted but it was still yummy!

After everyone left I most definitly passed out on the couch at 8 p.m. I tried so hard to keep my eyes open but it did not happen. I. Was. Pooped.

Monday was uneventful, but I have another big week planned!

Tonight: Keep St. Pete Local Launch Party

Wednesday: St. Pete Chamber Young Professional Happy Hour, Junior League Committee Dinner Meeting

Thursday: The Ale and the Witch Birthday Party

Saturday: Les Miz at The Straz plus fun with Jon’s sisters!

What do you have planned for the week?

The Longest Week of My Life

Wow…I think I can successfully say that I will never sweat as much, never have my feet hurt more and never be more exhausted than I was this past week.

The 4th was uber fun (yes I still like to use the word ‘uber’). Got together with a few friends, had some drinks and snacks and walked to a small park to watch downtown St. Pete’s fireworks. We had the perfect spot that’s nestled behind the Mahaffey and the Dali, where it wasn’t totally congested by people. And wow, what a show! Very impressed…espicially with the encore finale.

I made two snackies for our 4th celebration…one that was a hit and one that was…well…not.

Let’s start with the good. Corn and avocado salsa. SUPER easy. I love recipes where you just through stuff together 🙂

All you do is cut off fresh corn on the cob…

Dice avocado…

Add onions, jalapeno, lime, cilantro, salt, vinegar and sugar…

So pretty!

I got the recipe here at The Pioneer Woman’s blog. I used a whole jalapeno instead of half and half of a red chili. Also, my cook consultant had me had some cumin. Served with blue tortilla chips.

The other snackie I made can be found here. Found it through one of my fav websites foodgawker. It might be good with half the dates, but these babies just did not live up to the hype. Way too sweet. I was too pressed for time while making these to take pics sooo…sorry!

For the next 3 days I pretty much lived at work. I work at a beach resort and we filmed a new TV commercial last week. Sounds fun (which it is) but you also have to imagine the hours of standing/running around in the middle of a Florida summer…yeah.

Outside of my full time job I also have a volunteer position with a non-profit theater company. And on Saturday we attended the Tampa Unified Auditions, where a bunch of local theater companies get together for a joint audition. It was my third 13+ hour day that week…saw 150 (!) people audition, and auditioned myself. Very interesting to be on the other side of the audition table…it made me more nervous to audition myself because there was actually a lot of great talent! One major note of the day to any performers out there: make sure you have a current headshot that looks like YOU. There were so many times where we did a few double takes, because we couldn’t tell if the person in the headshot was really the person on stage.

And THEN I had to go into work for a few hours Sunday…BUT there is nothing better than ending an extremely long week with this…

Roast pork, black beans and rice and maduros. All made by my wonderfully sweet guy. He knows this is one of my top 3 favorite dishes of his that he makes. I could seriously eat this meal for the rest of my life and be completely and utterly happy 🙂

Well I am hoping to do just about nothing this week…so will report when something exciting happens.

Did you ever have a week that just seemed to go on forever?