Getting Organized

I’ve always considered myself an organized person (partly because I’m a Virgo), but as I get older I find myself letting go of my organized self more and more. Call it laziness, call it indifference…whatever it is I’m just not as excited as I used to be at the thought of cleaning out closets.

But recently I’ve made myself do a few “housekeeping” tasks and I feel like a weight has been lifted. Now that the holidays are winding down it’s the perfect time to “start a new”. Here’s a few tips on how I helped myself…hope you find them useful too!

1. Clean Your Office

It’s a quiet week in my office. A few people have taken the whole week off and lots of outside people I deal with are also out for the week. So I have some extra time on my hands. My office is definitely a place that needs to be worked on. My desk always has papers all over it, I have no artwork or photos, there’s boxes everywhere…A few days ago I decided this was the perfect time to tidy up. I combined boxes and was able to eliminate so many ugly boxes and free up some space. I reorganized shelves, filed papers that had been piling up for MONTHS and moved around the few pieces of art and knick knacks that I have to make my space more appealing.

And it. felt. great. Anytime I clean my office I always think, “A clean office is a happy office.” And it makes me work better. Clutter can be very stressful and distracting, and now that it’s gone I can focus more!

Any suggestions on what I can add to my space to make it more productive? I’ve always thought of adding a plant.

2. Clean Out Your Email

You know how frustrated you get when you get yet another email offer from a store or magazine? I always get annoyed at how many emails I end up deleting. Finally, I decided that each email that came in that I didn’t want to receive any more, I was going to unsubscribe. I must have unsubscribed from like 20 email lists! And it feels good. Then I realized there’s a lot of those emails that I’ve read and never deleted and it’s just taking up space. So I’ve been going page by page and not only deleting unneeded emails, but also putting certain emails into folders. Having a cleaned up email inbox and knowing where to look for certain emails is SO rewarding!

Same goes for work email. I REALLY need to create folders and organize my emails in Outlook.

3. Catch Up On Your Reading

If you’re reading this then you must be an avid blog reader like moi 🙂 My bloglovin’ has been stressing me out with how many unread posts I have. I’ve gone through my lists, deleted the blogs I don’t seem to read or find useful anymore, pinned recipes that needed to be pinned and read ALL the unread posts that I wanted to read. I’m all caught up!

The same could go for any magazines or newspapers you have piling up.

5. Organize Files

I need to do this on our home computer and my work computer. Just simply putting all those random documents into their proper place. This will make things so much easier to find!


Jon and I have talked about this, but haven’t yet accomplished it. There is so much junk that we’ve been holding onto that NEEDS to be thrown away. Old notebooks and books from school, items we never use, clothes we never wear. It needs to GO. This is especially noticed when trying to find room for new Christmas gifts. I have gone through my closet recently, but I feel like no matter what I do it always looks a mess and has too much stuff in it. But I still have drawers I need to go through that are becoming hard to shut. And a junk drawer that needs to be organized. Oi vey.

How do you organize your spaces?