Down to the Kor

Last week I received this baby in the mail.

I got it through Gina Harney’s OpenSky shop. Seriously love that place. Even though I can’t afford much of anything, it’s still cool to see which products your fav celebs, chefs and bloggers recommend. I actually got this water bottle FREE since I had racked up a bunch of credit for referring a friend.

So far, I’m loving this Kor water bottle. I just wish it held more water :/ But it has a cool, sleek design and is easy to hold.

I’m also kind of into the “stones” that come with it with inspirational messages. Even though The Chef thought this was totally corny 🙂

It’s also BPA free and my water tastes crisp and clean. I had previously been using a Nalgene and even though I cleaned it regularly I was getting the feeling that it had seen better days. Plus I like the blue color of this bottle so I can somewhat see what my water looks like as opposed to the purple color of my Nalgene.

This morning I was packing my lunch and needed to put some cantaloupe in a ziploc bag. We were out and I reached for my new EcoZip bags that I had picked up at Fresh Market. I don’t think I looked closely enough at them…

Kind of weird how they are 2 separate bags and can be turned into 1. While I can see this being somewhat useful, I see it more as wasteful. How often do you need to use two at once? I wish there was a way to separate them because now I feel like I’m wasting a bag 😦

Conversation Starter: Do you take a reusable water bottle to work or a plastic bottle? Any reason for your preference?