Race for the Cure 10k

I ran my first 10k this weekend!

My friend Karen forms a team each year for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Her nickname is Blondie so her team name is Blondie’s Boobies. Too cute. I thought this would be a great chance to get a 10k under my belt and help out a great cause!

For not being prepared it went so much better than I thought it would.

I started off following my 10k training schedule to a T. Then work got busy. Life got busy. Runs started to slip…especially the long ones. Eventually I came to the realization that I was not going to be fully prepared for this race, but to keep training as best I could the last few weeks.

Saturday morning came and thank goodness I’m some what of a light sleeper. I heard my phone vibrate and saw a text from Karen asking if I was close. Then I saw it was 6:30 a.m.! I had set my alarm for 6 a.m. with hopes of already being downtown at 6:30 a.m. I jolted awake, scarfed down some peanut butter on bread, downed some water, got dressed and was out of there in 15 minutes.

The traffic wasn’t as bad as I expected, but still backed up with people trying to park. Luckily, Karen reminded me of a parking garage close to Vinoy Park and it seemed like no else remembered it because it was practically empty. I speed walked to the team’s meeting point to say hello. After a few minutes the gun went off to start the 10k. We were right by the start line so we hopped a fence and brought up the rear ūüôā

My plan for the race was to just stay at a steady, comfortable pace. My ideal goals were to run the whole time and to do the race in an hour. But I was fine with not meeting those goals if I felt I couldn’t.

My average paces:

Mile 1 – 11:18

Mile 2 – 11:16

Mile 3 – 11:11

Mile 4 – 11:18

Mile 5 – 9:22

Mile 6 – 10:01

The first mile was a little rough. I was starting to wonder weather I could do the whole 6 miles. But I told myself the first mile is the worst. I was happy to be keeping around a 11 minute pace. My speed felt good and I started to feel really comfortable. This was actually my best run yet. I got in a zone and was just enjoying the course and people watching as I ran. I don’t know anyone who has or has had breast cancer, but seeing people who were wearing “In memory of” and “In celebration of” bibs inspired me to keep going and to finish strong.

I felt a surge of energy at mile 5 and picked up my pace, thinking I could hold it till the end. I ended up burning out towards the end some, but once I saw that finish line I went for it.

Time: 1:06:37

I’m pretty proud of my time. Not the hour I wanted, but I still thought I did pretty good for not being fully trained.

I grabbed some fruit and water and headed back to our team meeting spot to wait for the others who were doing the 5k. After congratulating them I headed home (with a stop for bagels on the way) to eat breakfast and to take a nap.

I eventually got up to meet up my friend Kyle at Folkfest.

Folkfest is an annual festival that acts as a fundraiser for Creative Clay. I’ve always wanted to go and have always missed it so I was glad to finally be able to check it out. It wasn’t as big as I thought it was going to be. There was music, some food and drink vendors and some art vendors. I was just expecting more art vendors. Kyle and I grabbed some refreshing sangria (it was HOT out) and walked around the different art booths. Some were really unique and there was one in particular that I really loved. The name is escaping me now, but the artist did found art, which I always find interesting. We listened to some of the music, but once our sangria ran out we decided to hit the road.

Sunday I tagged along with my friend Ashley to International Mall. I really need to make it up there more often. They finally put in a Gap, they seem to be revamping Forever 21 and they’re putting in a White House Black Market. Love it!

Later that night my mom and I went to American Stage for Hawk and Wayne’s improv show, which was very entertaining. Gavin Hawk, who is part of the two man show, was my theater professor at Eckerd so it was great to see him perform after such a long time.

More in depth blogs to come on Folkfest and Hawk and Wayne on my Articulate blog ūüôā

Have you ran a race lately or have one coming up?

Fashion’s Night Out

Did everyone survive the short week? I love 4 day work weeks, but man I lose track of what day it is multiple times.

Last year I went to Fashion’s Night Out at International Plaza in Tampa with some girlfriends and it was a blast. It’s basically a time for you to walk around to different stores and check out the new fall fashions. Most stores have special sales and promotions going on, free gifts or even cocktails. There’s also fun stuff going on around the mall such as a fashion show, red carpet photos, DJs, etc. It was a fun girls night out last year so when I saw it was coming up again this year I immediately messaged the same girls to see if they wanted to¬†re-live the fun. Unfortunately, some couldn’t make it, but we still had a fun evening.

My only complaint is that there isn’t enough time to visit all the stores you want. Plus we all wanted to stop in other places as well and browse (hey, we’re at a mall aren’t we?)

(Nordstrom has the best shoe selection!)

I’ve become very cautious over the years about spending money and have noticed it’s really hard for me to buy things that I don’t necessarily¬†need. But I guess that’s a good thing right? The only thing I ended up with was some new concealer from Sephora. I do want to go back and visit H&M because there were some cute dresses!

(I’m officially a Kate Spade fan.)

We mostly just walked around to different stores to see what sales and promotions they had going on. We missed the Dillard’s fashion show ūüė¶ And there were some other fun things going on like getting your photo taken with a Katy Perry look-a-like and red carpet photos with a fancy car.

Before we knew it it was almost 9 p.m. and dinner was needed. We ended up at Brio, which I’ve never been to. It was very nice inside with a comfortable atmosphere.

I had a refreshing glass of Presseco.

And for an entr√©e¬†I ordered the Pasta Alla Vodka, which was delicious. The pasta was similar¬†to tortellini and the sauce was very flavorful and not too thick. The pancetta on top rounded out the dish. The price point isn’t too bad here either for a nice dinner out.

After dinner it was back to St. Pete. I. was. pooped.

Did you go to a Fashion’s Night Out event where you live?

The Running Foodie

How was everyone’s weekend? Lots of eating and running around here ūüôā

Friday was a yoga and Taco Bus kind of night. Yoga feels sooo good after a week of running. My poor hip flexors.

Along with Taco Bus I picked myself up a bottle of Skinnygirl margarita. I can’t help it…I love sassy and savvy Bethney. It wasn’t actually as good as I remembered, but I still dig it. After dinner we watched Goon again and I promptly passed out on the couch. Crazy Friday night.

Saturday we started our day off with Pho Quyen. Pho for him and BBQ Beef with Rice Vermacelli for her.

Then we made our usual trifecta. A stop at Marko’s Meats for some yummy sausage, salami and Happy Hippos. And a stop at Total Wine where we had a lovely wine tasting and stocked up for the month.

On the way home we also stopped at Sports Authority, where I spent too much money on some much needed fitness gear.

I ended up with a yoga towel, which I need desperately. I’m tired of slipping and sliding on a sweaty mat! A handheld water bottle because I need to run with water on my long runs and I’m afraid my clutzy¬†self will¬†fling a loose water bottle from my sweaty hand. I may end up returning this though. I used it on Sunday and it leaks. I thought of getting a camelbak¬†but they’re pricey and I don’t want anything on my back. I’m also not a huge fan of the fuel belts. Any suggestions?? Maybe I’ll just have to make due with a water bottle.

I also came out with a running hat and shorts. I¬†LOVE the hat. I figured I should invest in one for long runs because they have more ventilation and protection than a regular hat. This thing worked wonders for me. And the shorts were surprisingly comfortable and I love them too. Running shorts are equivalent to finding the perfect pair of jeans to me. SO many shorts are “booty shorts” and I’m sorry, but I don’t want to have to worry about my butt hanging out when I’m trying to get my run on. Longer shorts tend to not be any kind of dri¬†fit material. And these shorts I’ve strayed away from because I’m not a huge fan of elastic waistbands and I’m always worried the attached underwear is going to ride up. The waistband on these though is great…very comfy. And the underwear inside is more the length of boyshorts so no riding up. I approve!

Dinner on Saturday was very notable. One of the best dinners we’ve had in a while. I love when Jon’s in the kitchen ūüôā

That there is roasted lamb with a rosemary, garlic, deliciousness rub. On the side are roasted red potatoes and broccoli¬†rabe¬†with lemon, garlic and a special ingredient ūüôā


I needed to get an 8 mile run in this weekend so I got up at 6 a.m. on Sunday, downed a clif bar and some water and headed downtown.

Although I’m not really a morning person, I love seeing the sunrise and watching the world wake up around me.

I definitely¬†did not run 8 straight miles. I kept having to slow myself down because I was running too fast and knew I’d wear myself out. Around mile 4 is when I started my stop and go routine. It makes a run so much harder…any time I stop, starting up again kinda sucks. Especially when I started to feel blisters forming on my insoles. (Any suggestions for special running socks?) With my walking breaks I’m guessing I actually ran a total of 7 miles, which I’m still happy about. I just keep reminding myself it’s only the second week of my training and that was the first time I attempted 8 miles.

On my way home I stopped for everything bagels with cream cheese and lox for myself and a sleepy Jon. And after a shower and a power nap I went to pick up my buddy Tamsyn from the airport.

We had a full day of fun starting with…

Datz. Aka Foodie Heaven.

I started with a Huckleberry Lemonade, which I wasn’t expecting to come out so “cocktail” looking. It was darn tasty. Very light and refreshing.

You can’t go wrong with the sandwiches here. I got the Ty’s Two Fister which was pastrami (house smoked), corned beef, honey mustard and swiss cheese on pumpernickel. Yum is not the word. And I love the chips they serve with a blue cheese drizzle.

We were joined by Tamsyn’s¬†sister and her boyfriend. And we all tried bites of each other’s meals, which was quite hilarious as we were passing sandwiches around the table.

I can’t leave this place without a sweet treat. I tried a salted caramel macaron and it was truly delectable. And the perfect size treat.

I also had a few bites of Tamsyn’s¬†limencello¬†gelato, which was like a sorbet and so light with nice bursts of lemon. Perfect ending to a hearty meal.

Datz Tampa on Urbanspoon

Next we were onto some shopping. None of us had been to Nordstrom Rack before so we decided to check it out. Definitely¬†one of those places where it’s hit or miss. There’s a lot to go through and I was on sensory overload by the time we left. I ended up a pair of turquoise¬†earrings (my fav) and a pair of heels for work.

Then it was on to International Plaza where most of our time was spent in the new H&M. So glad I finally made it in to check it out. And I came out with this cute little number.

Tamsyn has always been my best shopping buddy! I don’t see her nearly enough and will miss her ūüė¶

Can’t beat a weekend with a mix of food, shopping and fitness!

Where are your favorite places to shop?