Down to the Kor

Last week I received this baby in the mail.

I got it through Gina Harney’s OpenSky shop. Seriously love that place. Even though I can’t afford much of anything, it’s still cool to see which products your fav celebs, chefs and bloggers recommend. I actually got this water bottle FREE since I had racked up a bunch of credit for referring a friend.

So far, I’m loving this Kor water bottle. I just wish it held more water :/ But it has a cool, sleek design and is easy to hold.

I’m also kind of into the “stones” that come with it with inspirational messages. Even though The Chef thought this was totally corny 🙂

It’s also BPA free and my water tastes crisp and clean. I had previously been using a Nalgene and even though I cleaned it regularly I was getting the feeling that it had seen better days. Plus I like the blue color of this bottle so I can somewhat see what my water looks like as opposed to the purple color of my Nalgene.

This morning I was packing my lunch and needed to put some cantaloupe in a ziploc bag. We were out and I reached for my new EcoZip bags that I had picked up at Fresh Market. I don’t think I looked closely enough at them…

Kind of weird how they are 2 separate bags and can be turned into 1. While I can see this being somewhat useful, I see it more as wasteful. How often do you need to use two at once? I wish there was a way to separate them because now I feel like I’m wasting a bag 😦

Conversation Starter: Do you take a reusable water bottle to work or a plastic bottle? Any reason for your preference?


Good evening!

My day started off with a trip to the dentist. I’m not one of those people who is scared of the dentist or dreads it. It’s pretty much just like any other appointment. Don’t get me wrong the picking, scraping and flossing is not fun…but at least my teeth feel all clean and smooth when I run my tongue across them now 🙂

The real highlight of my day though was a class at YogaBlu. Today was special since lululemon was having a trunk show there today! I’ve only bee to the South Tampa store once, and even though I most of the stuff is out of my budget I still love to ooh and ahh at all the yogalicious clothes and accessories. I didn’t walk away empty handed though. I dropped $12 for this baby:

One of their no-slip headbands, which I’ve been wanting for awhile so I thought it was ok to get. I put it on right away for the yoga class and it worked perfectly! No hairs got in my face and it didn’t move an inch! And it’s a fun color 🙂

Guess what just happens to be across the street from YogaBlu?

Of course I had to make a trip in 😉 I did have some standard groceries to get, and I was pretty good at controlling my grabby hand. But I can’t help but go down each isle, slowly looking at all the wonderful and interesting products.

My cart was full before I knew it.

Here’s a look at all the goods.

I’m especially excited to pair these two together in a salad tomorrow.

That would be smoked mozzarella and sundried tomatoes…yum.

That’s all I have for today!

Conversation Starter: Do you ever go into stores after  a workout, or do you have to go home and change first? The shorts I wear for yoga are short, and ride up easily…I pulled on a thin sweatshirt over my tank top before I went into Fresh Market just so I didn’t feel too revealing. But I still felt a bit odd, even though it was clear I just came from yoga.