Polar FT7 Lowdown

Hey all!

It’s been a quiet week here so far.

Last night for dinner I came across this recipe for Apple Sage Chickpea Burgers via foodgawker. It sounded interesting and healthy so I convinced The Chef we needed to make it 🙂

They were quite delicious! You taste the sage more than the apple, but these little babies are packed with flavor. We served them over greens with a side of baked sweet potato. The sauce that went on top was also great. I love the versatility of greek yogurt! We ended up putting more ginger in it and a little bit of siracha to kick it up a notch.

Yesterday, I also got to try out my new Polar FT7 for the second time. I was like a giddy schoolgirl when I used it the first time earlier this week. I tried to do as much research as I could before buying this watch, since I don’t make purchases over $50 very easily. One review said that this watch can be tricky to set up, but I had no problem at all. It was actually pretty easy!

The chest strap is comfortable…I’m really surprised as to how little I feel it when it’s on. It’s really easy to slip on and off to, so no fumbling while getting ready for your workout. Then all you do is press the “ok” button on the watch to start and you’re all set!

Love all the stats…

BTW I tried this out with Fitnessista’s WSU workout…it’s a killer!

The only thing I kinda wish it had was mileage. Unless it’s hiding somewhere. It’s not a big deal since I mostly got it to wear during all types of workouts. But it’d be useful for when I do feel like running.

Overall I love having this little guy in my life! It really is helping me keep in tune with my body so I can keep better track of calories in/calories out.

It’s also funny to see difference between the watch and the treadmill.

Do you have a heart monitor watch you use for working out/running?