Weekly Meals and Fitness (Oct. 8-14, 2012)


Monday – Penne Rosa with Chicken and Kale

Tuesday – Leftovers

Wednesday – Dinner Out

Thursday – Take Out (Beer with the Bard night!)

Friday – Pork Tenderloin with Asparagus

Saturday – Leftovers

Sunday – ?

Treat of the Week: Our favorite Talenti gelato is on sale at Publix…mmm!


Monday – CrossFit

Tuesday – CrossFit

Wednesday – CrossFit

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – CrossFit

Saturday – CrossFit

Sunday – CrossFit

Of course this will depend on how sore I feel from day to day. If I’m too sore to do an intense workout, I’m going to let my body rest. CrossFit is still new to me 🙂

Weekly Meals and Fitness (Oct. 1-7, 2012)

Hi friends!

As promised, below are this week’s planned meals and fitness. Hope to keep this up!


MondaySausage and Quinoa One Pot Supper <— can’t wait to try this!

Tuesday – Leftovers

Wednesday – Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili with Cornbread

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – Dinner out or pasta dish at home (to fuel for 10k next day)

Saturday – ?

Sunday – ?

Treat of the Week: Pumpkin White Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies <— I’ve been thinking about making these for a few weeks now so I think it’s finally time 🙂

I kind of want to keep my weekends open because I never know what will pop up 🙂

I will only be planning my dinners. My daily breakfasts rotate between 2 eggs with cheese and salsa and a side of toast with jam or low fat butter, to a Kashi or some equally healthy cereal. My lunches are usually leftovers, salad or ordering out with co-workers. My snacks are usually yogurt with fruit and chia seeds, almonds or carrots and hummus.


Monday – Was going to wake up early this morning and got to CrossFit, but I looked at the WOD when I woke up at 5:30 a.m., saw that it was a 5k (which I already had planned today in addition to CrossFit) and promptly went back to sleep. So, instead of CrossFit + 3 mile run it will just be 3 mile run 🙂

Tuesday – CrossFit + 3 mile run

Wednesday – 3 mile run

Thursday – CrossFit

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – 10k

Sunday – Rest Day

Getting Serious

Well I survived my first week of CrossFit (and am eagerly awaiting my class tonight!). I am really excited to start regular classes, but am enjoying this intro period. It is extremely helpful since I’ve never lifted anything heavier than a 10lb dumbell.

I said to Jon the other night, “If CrossFit doesn’t get me in the best shape of my life then nothing can. I just want visable abs for once in my life!” To which he replies, “Hunny, if you want abs that comes with diet too.” Gosh darnit.

I am a huge non-believer in “diets”. I get crazy angry when people tell me they’re on such and such diet and can’t eat this or that. That’s crazy talk. There is only one way to eat and it’s not hard. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, no refined sugars, etc. etc. I know how to eat healthy and I think 80% of the time I do. But I LOVE food. All kinds. And because I believe you shouldn’t deprive yourself of what you love I tend to have my once a week Taco Bus burrito or indulge in a nightly glass of wine AND dessert. I always tell myself “everything in moderation”, but recently I’ve been taking a second look at my philosophy. I still believe in it, but think maybe I should be more serious about what I eat. Even though there’s nothing wrong in enjoying the foods you love, sometimes we still need to manage those foods and make them a once in a while kind of food.

I have to reiterate here that overall health is always at the top of my mind. It’s not that I “think I’m fat” and want to loose a few lbs. It’s really just me wanting to be the healthiest I can be. Food is fuel and I want that fuel to give me energy, make me feel good, keep me from getting sick and to give me a long, fulfilling life. And yes, even though I want visable abs, to me having a toned body isn’t just purely vanity…it’s proof of a healthy, active, strong person.

So if I’m going to be serious enough to join CrossFit I need to look into what I’m putting into my body as well.

My new fitness goals:

  • This week I’m going to get back into my running (2 weeks until I run a 10k!) so I’m picking back up where I left off in my training. Plus my 3 CrossFit intro classes.
  • Next week begins my 2 weeks of unlimited CrossFit classes so I’m going to try and go 5 times a week plus my training runs.
  • After those 2 weeks are up I’ll be doing 2 CrossFit classes a week plus 2 to 3 runs a week and an at home workout.

My new nutrition goals:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables…incorporate into every meal/snack.
  • Whole grains only.
  • Limit sweets.
  • Limit the booze.
  • Eat my carbs for breakfast/lunch (i.e. if I have cereal for breakfast and a sandwich at lunch, dinner should not include carbs).
  • Have only one unhealthy meal a week (whether it’s homemade or take out).
  • Meal plan to avoid having to resort to take out.
  • Cook at home more often!

There you have it. I think I will also try to post my weekly exercise and meal plans to help get me in the planning ahead habit.

Do you plan your exercise and meals for the week? What are your current fitness and nutrition goals?

Still Finding My Groove

You may remember my post back in April about finding my fitness groove. Since then I’ve been regularly going to Fit for Fashion and I’ve started training for a 10k. I’m also trying to go to yoga once a week for a nice stretch sesh.

My training plan has me running 4 days a week. I’ve planned on doing one weights class at F4F, one yoga class and then a rest day to fill out the rest of the week.

Yesterday I went to my weekly F4F class and after class I asked to have my body fat taken. I’m checking in monthly to keep track and as I mentioned in my previous post, it’s a much better indicator of progress than a number on a scale. Enter my shock as I saw that I had increased .8% in my body fat, lost a pound of muscle and gained a pound of fat. Umm…? After talking with the F4F trainer I was reminded that I need to do more strength training. Duh, Katie, you can’t expect to tone up/stay fit from solely running. So it looks like I’m going to have to incorporate an extra weights session on my short run days. Last time my body fat was measured I was running a few times a week and also doing a few intense F4F classes a week.

It’s funny though, how even though I’m still happy with where my body is, that seeing that change in my body fat sent me into a bit of a down mood. At home I started surveying my body, pointing things out to myself that still needed “improvement”. And then I caught myself. Improvement for who? Who am I trying to please with how I look? Myself, I guess? But why? I am still at a healthy weight and am in the “athletic” range of body fat percentage. I then started to point out the things that I liked about my body and moved to the statement that I try to hold as a personal mantra. “Be happy with your body for not how it looks, but how it serves you day-to-day.” I’m not sick, I don’t have any broken bones, I have all of my limbs…I should be happy that day-to-day my body gets me around and does the best it can. I should be grateful that I can go out and run when I want to and easily get from point A to point B. Not everybody has that privilege.

Body image may be considered a topic that gets talked about too much. But I disagree. We all know what we’re supposed to do and how we’re supposed to think positive thoughts. But sometimes there are bad days where we feel lousy for whatever reason and we turn to our body and forget how we’re supposed to think. We need these daily reminders because those thoughts always try to sneak in.

So let this serve as your daily reminder: It does not matter what you see in the mirror. How do you feel? What has your body done for you today?

Nights With The TV

Happy National Running Day!

The weather is pretty terrible here in FL today. Very grey and cloudy with lots of possibility for a downpour. Plus I have a haircut appointment after work today and then dinner with my mom. So no running for me today :/

I have been doing really well with my workouts at Fit for Fashion. I’m trying to do 2 classes a week, 2 days of running and 1 day of yoga. I seem to really slack on the weekends though, so on average I’ve been getting in 4 exercise days in, which isn’t bad! I’m already starting to notice a difference in my body after going back to F4F. My body fat percentage has gone down and I’ve noticed some problem areas looking a little less problematic. With all the classes and running, yoga is becoming a must. Yoga is also a lot harder when you do so much other exercising! I always feel like I’m tight and sometimes can’t do poses that I used to do. But afterwards I feel amazing and loosey goosey.

It’s been a quiet week so far. Monday night we caught up on the latest episode of MadMen. SPOILER ALERT AHEAD. I was so upset about Lane…as soon as Don fired him I totally saw it coming, but it was just so sad. He had his moments of being sleazy like the other men, but you could tell that deep down he wasn’t like that and that he was a good man. Stealing money was most definitely wrong and of course Don had to fire him, but you can understand what a difficult position he was in. It really came down to pride. But you know that Don would have helped him out if he had asked…don’t you think? It’s just so terrible when people feel so lost that they feel like death is the only way out.


Do you watch MadMen? What did you think of the last episode?

Last night we watched the movie Goon, which starred Sean William Scott.


I’d never heard of this movie, but Jon said it had good ratings. I’ve also never seen Sean William Scott in anything expect the not-so-deep American Pie movies. But wow, what a great movie! We were laughing out loud at a lot of parts (and it takes a lot to make us laugh). Essentially it’s about a not-so-smart guy who joins a hockey team and his sole purpose is to fight members on the opposite team. I must say I was SO impressed with Sean William Scott. He was so funny and played his character perfectly. The acting all around was fantastic. Jay Baruchel was hilarious and Alison Pill was charming. I definitely recommend seeing this movie!

New Feature on A Full Plate

I want to start doing a Foodie Friday post each…well, Friday 🙂 I’ll pick a different food and devote the post to everything about that food…its history, how it should taste, best ways to make it, some recipes, etc. These will be foods that I’m both familiar and unfamiliar with. I think this could be fun! Any requests?

Finding My Fitness Groove

For awhile now I have been doing a lot of exercising on my own. The blog world is filled with awesome workouts from personal trainers and then there’s also the glory of sites such as Pinterest. Then I decided I wanted to run my first 5k, which led to running 3 times a week. Once I started training, my other workouts got pushed to the side. In the beginning I wanted my body to rest, but I was also just so busy it was all I could do to even fit my runs in. But I do know that cross training is important and I didn’t want to put myself at risk for injury.

I could have just added back in the workouts I had been doing before, but I realized something. I really missed group classes! I’ve also heard so much about BodyPump through other blogs that I was dying to try it. There’s a gym not far from my work that offers BodyPump and all of those other LesMills classes. It seemed like a pretty good gym and I thought that maybe I’d consider joining. It’d give me unlimited access to classes and to all of the machines and such that I don’t normally have access to. So I printed out the free pass that all gyms seem to have and went in to try the BodyCombat class.

I was a bit underwhelmed. The gym itself was just ok and the class was definitely not as intense as I thought it would be. I even zoned out at one point. All it made me do was miss the classes at Fit for Fashion.

F4F is a bit further away for me…definitely not on my way home. It’s also a bit more expensive than a gym depending on what package you get. But I bit the bullet and bought an 8-class package which would allow me to take 2 classes per week for a month, which is just the amount I need. I went to the Tabata Love class yesterday. And it was awesome. I love tabata already and doing it in a class atmosphere was fun.

I’m so happy to be back at F4F. I like the intimateness of the studio, the variations of classes, the challenges, the people…I just feel comfortable there. And back when I was going all the time it was the best my body had ever looked and felt. I hope to get to that point again. I’ve definitely noticed positive changes in my body with running, but am hoping that the F4F classes will tone me up.

My point to this post is that I feel like it took me awhile to find my “fitness groove”. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. I feel like you really need to get in tune with your body to understand how it reacts to different exercises and what you need to do to get to where you want to be fitness wise. I knew all along that my body needed cardio, but I wasn’t able to get myself to do it until I started training for a 5k. Now that running 3 miles ain’t no thang for me I can comfortably incorporate it into my routine while doing cross training classes at F4F. And I tried to workout on my own to save money and time, but I realize now that I need classes. I enjoy the atmosphere and I also push myself harder. Some people can push themselves, but having someone encouraging me along really helps motivate me.

I’ve also made claims before that I’m ready to be in the best shape of my life and I’m going to exercise regularly, eat healthy, blah blah blah. And each time I’ve fallen by the way side a bit. But I’ve learned now that I just hadn’t found my groove yet. Now that I know what works for me I’m sure I’ll be able to stay accountable.

Another thing I should stress (because I always think it should be stressed for us women) is that I am NOT looking to loose weight. I am happy with my body. It carries me around every day and has been good to me. I strive for a healthy lifestyle because I want my body to FEEL as good as it can feel…very different than LOOK. I had to remind myself of this when I visited the gym the other day. There was a scale. And I stepped on it. And I was shocked to see that my weight had increased 5lbs. How could that be? I had been running so much I was sure I had lost weight. My clothes were fitting great and I felt like I looked good. I mentioned this to Jon that night and he helped remind me that muscle weighs more than fat and that the number on the scale doesn’t mean anything. And he’s right. So many of us worry about a silly number on the scale rather than body fat percentage, which is really a better indicator of where your body should be. And at the same time I’m glad I got to see the scale number because I do track calories in/calories out so I needed to update my FitnessPal 🙂

Do you feel like you’ve found your fitness groove?