Fashion’s Night Out

Did everyone survive the short week? I love 4 day work weeks, but man I lose track of what day it is multiple times.

Last year I went to Fashion’s Night Out at International Plaza in Tampa with some girlfriends and it was a blast. It’s basically a time for you to walk around to different stores and check out the new fall fashions. Most stores have special sales and promotions going on, free gifts or even cocktails. There’s also fun stuff going on around the mall such as a fashion show, red carpet photos, DJs, etc. It was a fun girls night out last year so when I saw it was coming up again this year I immediately messaged the same girls to see if they wanted to re-live the fun. Unfortunately, some couldn’t make it, but we still had a fun evening.

My only complaint is that there isn’t enough time to visit all the stores you want. Plus we all wanted to stop in other places as well and browse (hey, we’re at a mall aren’t we?)

(Nordstrom has the best shoe selection!)

I’ve become very cautious over the years about spending money and have noticed it’s really hard for me to buy things that I don’t necessarily need. But I guess that’s a good thing right? The only thing I ended up with was some new concealer from Sephora. I do want to go back and visit H&M because there were some cute dresses!

(I’m officially a Kate Spade fan.)

We mostly just walked around to different stores to see what sales and promotions they had going on. We missed the Dillard’s fashion show 😦 And there were some other fun things going on like getting your photo taken with a Katy Perry look-a-like and red carpet photos with a fancy car.

Before we knew it it was almost 9 p.m. and dinner was needed. We ended up at Brio, which I’ve never been to. It was very nice inside with a comfortable atmosphere.

I had a refreshing glass of Presseco.

And for an entrée I ordered the Pasta Alla Vodka, which was delicious. The pasta was similar to tortellini and the sauce was very flavorful and not too thick. The pancetta on top rounded out the dish. The price point isn’t too bad here either for a nice dinner out.

After dinner it was back to St. Pete. I. was. pooped.

Did you go to a Fashion’s Night Out event where you live?

Fashion’s Night Out

Tonight me and a group of friends attended Fashion’s Night Out in Tampa at International Plaza. What a fun girls night!

We walked around to the different stores that were having specials and serving complimentary drinks and treats.

Including champagne at Tory Burch.

We stopped to watch a little bit of the fashion show at Dillards.


There were a TON of people.

I even picked up a free cigar for The Chef!

We also took some cute photos at a few different photo booths they had placed around the mall.

Overall it was a fun time, but I’m so glad we got there right at 6 p.m. If you came at 7 p.m. you were probably met with lots of empty glasses and no free treats around. Even at 6:30 when we were visiting different department stores it was hard to find the drinks and snack and half the time they were all already gone 😦 You’d think everyone would be better prepared for a 3 hour event.

After wandering around and checking out the festivities we headed to Gallery Eclectic Bistro for dinner. I thought it would be crazy busy so I made reservations, but it was actually kind of dead. I’m not too familiar with the restuarants at International, but I had been to Gallery once a long time ago and remember it being good. Of course that was…well…years ago. Dinner was…ok. Their wine list was not impressive and there was quite the dibacle with the waitress when two of my friends tried ordering champagne. No one seemed too thrilled with their food. The pineapple bread they served with soft butter was good. But my cobb salad left more to be desired. The lettuce was a bit wilty, there was hardly any bacon (the best part!) and I didn’t like the blue cheese they used.

The Chef and I are off to Cape Coral this weekend after work tomorrow! We’re having my belated birthday dinner with his family at this amazing German restaurant that we have yet to try. I can’t wait 🙂

Conversation Starter: Did you go to a Fashion’s Night Out event in your area?