From Closet to Project

Happy Wednesday! I’m finally getting around to a craft post 🙂


…is my closet.

My poor…

weighed down…



Most of the time everything stays in my closet because I always thing “maybe someday I’ll wear it”. Yup, that’s me. But then every now and then I’ll get that sudden urge to go through my closet and toss things I haven’t worn in years and that is so worn that I don’t even know why I’ve held on to it. Last night was one of those times.

I didn’t get very far though…

This is the pile of tops that I haven’t worn in forever and some I was on the fence abut getting rid of. So I tried on every single one to see if some of them even fit…that ruled some out 🙂

So then I divided the tops into three piles.

On the left is what I decided to keep, in the middle is what’s going buh-bye and on the right are tops I want to tear apart and make something out of 🙂

I love the lace on this top and am thinking about turning it into a headband. I’d like to do something with the pattern as well.

Love the raised detail on this top and also thinking of turning it into a headband.

I love the patterns on both of these tops…

Like the other top above I want to do something with these tops, but not sure what…fragrant satchels? Small drawstring purses? I still need to ponder. Oh, and, I…um…*cough* don’t know how to sew *cough* I know a craft blogger who doesn’t sew? Consider it part of my journey 🙂 I’m thinking of asking The Chef’s mom for lessons so I can really do some fun stuff!

Conversation Starter: Have you ever turned old clothes into something new?