Sicky Icky

I rarely get sick. But when I do, it hits me hard.

Sunday afternoon, while joining my friend Ashley to a visit to The Chihuly Collection, I suddenly started feeling “off”.

I was going to call in sick on Monday, but then remembered an important department meeting so decided to brave the work day. I lasted until 1 p.m.

So Tuesday was a sick day. I slept in. I ate comfort food. Jon was my nurse. We watched The Walking Dead.

300px-Walking_Dead_Season_3_Cast (Source)

Anyone who knows me well knows that I do not like any movie, book, etc. that has to do with vampires, werewolves, zombies, wizards, etc. I’ve only read one Harry Potter book and you couldn’t convince me to see Twilight if my life depended on it. I don’t know what it is…I’m just not into it.

In saying that, I LOVE The Walking Dead. It’s a great, well done show. The acting is kind of eh at times and Jon and I make fun of some certain characters wide-eyed faces, but the storyline is fantastic. The effects are very real and not corny at all. The characters are well-formed and there’s lots of action that keeps you guessing.

Jon and I also just finished watching all the seasons of Breaking Bad (another phenomenal show). Both don’t start-up again until March, which makes me groan with anticipation!

Because of my sickness I had to miss an Eckerd Alumni Holiday Party 😦

It’s funny though, how being sick reminds you to slow down. I’m a gogogo type of person. I love being busy so it’s hard for me to reserve quiet time. Last weekend was no different.

Saturday after a CrossFit session, Jon, Maddie and I headed to the Saturday Morning Market.



Egg, cheese and bacon croissant from Le Creperie…delish! Best croissant I’ve had in a LONG time.


This little girl was so good…mostly because we kept giving her bites of deliciousness.

After hours of Christmas shopping with my mom, Jon made butternut squash ravioli with a brown butter sage sauce.


And then we were off to Studio@620 for Spec Performance: Second, which was a great showcase of dance performance. I was there for Articulate, so check back later this week for the blog on that.

Sunday I got up again for CrossFit, Jon and I went to get dim sum and Boba.


I met up with Ashley and we went to Chihuly since she had gotten two free tickets. We’d both been there before, but it was nice to visit again. Such amazing pieces. Later that night Jon, my mom and I went to see Santaland Diaries at American Stage, which was very entertaining. Again, check Articulate later in the week for that blog 🙂


As fun as the weekend was, I’m sure all of that running around wasn’t exactly good for me. I was even just on the phone with my mom telling her I was going to go workout tonight and she talked me out of it. She said that’s how I got sick in the first place…getting up too early and running around all day. Mother knows best right?

While I hate to give up another workout this week I know she’s right. I still need to take it easy until I’m fully better. No sense in pushing it.

Especially, since this weekend is another busy weekend! Color Run, a Champagne and Cookies party, a photo shoot, some friends in town…fun, fun, fun!

What do you think is too much in terms of a busy day? Do you leave quiet time for yourself each day?

Race for the Cure 10k

I ran my first 10k this weekend!

My friend Karen forms a team each year for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Her nickname is Blondie so her team name is Blondie’s Boobies. Too cute. I thought this would be a great chance to get a 10k under my belt and help out a great cause!

For not being prepared it went so much better than I thought it would.

I started off following my 10k training schedule to a T. Then work got busy. Life got busy. Runs started to slip…especially the long ones. Eventually I came to the realization that I was not going to be fully prepared for this race, but to keep training as best I could the last few weeks.

Saturday morning came and thank goodness I’m some what of a light sleeper. I heard my phone vibrate and saw a text from Karen asking if I was close. Then I saw it was 6:30 a.m.! I had set my alarm for 6 a.m. with hopes of already being downtown at 6:30 a.m. I jolted awake, scarfed down some peanut butter on bread, downed some water, got dressed and was out of there in 15 minutes.

The traffic wasn’t as bad as I expected, but still backed up with people trying to park. Luckily, Karen reminded me of a parking garage close to Vinoy Park and it seemed like no else remembered it because it was practically empty. I speed walked to the team’s meeting point to say hello. After a few minutes the gun went off to start the 10k. We were right by the start line so we hopped a fence and brought up the rear 🙂

My plan for the race was to just stay at a steady, comfortable pace. My ideal goals were to run the whole time and to do the race in an hour. But I was fine with not meeting those goals if I felt I couldn’t.

My average paces:

Mile 1 – 11:18

Mile 2 – 11:16

Mile 3 – 11:11

Mile 4 – 11:18

Mile 5 – 9:22

Mile 6 – 10:01

The first mile was a little rough. I was starting to wonder weather I could do the whole 6 miles. But I told myself the first mile is the worst. I was happy to be keeping around a 11 minute pace. My speed felt good and I started to feel really comfortable. This was actually my best run yet. I got in a zone and was just enjoying the course and people watching as I ran. I don’t know anyone who has or has had breast cancer, but seeing people who were wearing “In memory of” and “In celebration of” bibs inspired me to keep going and to finish strong.

I felt a surge of energy at mile 5 and picked up my pace, thinking I could hold it till the end. I ended up burning out towards the end some, but once I saw that finish line I went for it.

Time: 1:06:37

I’m pretty proud of my time. Not the hour I wanted, but I still thought I did pretty good for not being fully trained.

I grabbed some fruit and water and headed back to our team meeting spot to wait for the others who were doing the 5k. After congratulating them I headed home (with a stop for bagels on the way) to eat breakfast and to take a nap.

I eventually got up to meet up my friend Kyle at Folkfest.

Folkfest is an annual festival that acts as a fundraiser for Creative Clay. I’ve always wanted to go and have always missed it so I was glad to finally be able to check it out. It wasn’t as big as I thought it was going to be. There was music, some food and drink vendors and some art vendors. I was just expecting more art vendors. Kyle and I grabbed some refreshing sangria (it was HOT out) and walked around the different art booths. Some were really unique and there was one in particular that I really loved. The name is escaping me now, but the artist did found art, which I always find interesting. We listened to some of the music, but once our sangria ran out we decided to hit the road.

Sunday I tagged along with my friend Ashley to International Mall. I really need to make it up there more often. They finally put in a Gap, they seem to be revamping Forever 21 and they’re putting in a White House Black Market. Love it!

Later that night my mom and I went to American Stage for Hawk and Wayne’s improv show, which was very entertaining. Gavin Hawk, who is part of the two man show, was my theater professor at Eckerd so it was great to see him perform after such a long time.

More in depth blogs to come on Folkfest and Hawk and Wayne on my Articulate blog 🙂

Have you ran a race lately or have one coming up?

German Food, Rocky Horror and Mother’s Day

Hi all! Hope everybody had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I was glad to have my mom with me here in Florida this year to celebrate.

But before we get to Mother’s Day festivities let’s back it up to Friday…

After a long day at work (seriously Friday took forever to come last week) Jon and I were pretty pooped and didn’t get to thinking about dinner until about 8 p.m. We ended up at Cafe Vienna, which is our go-to place for some awesome Austrian food.

I still get a kick out of the glasses they serve their wine it. So cute!

I couldn’t resist my fav…the Jaeger Schnitzel. It’s pounded pork with a mushroom wine sauce served with spaetzle, a vegetable on the side and lingonberries. Yum!

Saturday morning we slept in and it was glorious. I really needed those extra hours of sleep after a lot of early mornings last week. And then Jon decided to whip up this.

Homemade biscuits and gravy. How am I not as big as a house? Needless to say this was a great way to start the day.

After a few hours of lounging I made a trip to the store and then rushed back home to make falafel veggie burgers and kale chips. I was meeting up with my friend Lora to go see Rocky Horror Picture Show in the Park and wanted to bring some yumminess along. For those who aren’t familiar, local theatre, American Stage, does a show in the park each spring and the gates open a few hours before the show so people can have a picnic. It’s so much fun!

The veggie burgers were super easy to make, but they came out too dry and fell apart while I was cooking them 😦 They tasted yummy though. Not sure how to fix it…maybe add greek yogurt? I’m using it today as a salad topping, which I may just stick with 🙂

The kale chips were also super easy. My first time making them! I cooked them at 350 for about 16 minutes with just a drizzle of olive oil and red pepper flakes. They didn’t get crunchy enough and by the time we got to the park they were soggy from being in a bag. But they also still tasted good! Jon thinks they need to be cooked at 250 for a half hour so they dehydrate more rather than cook. Will have to have a redo!


(The only pic I managed to take since I was rushing through all this to make in time to Lora’s.)

So despite my failed cooking attempts we managed to have a nice picnic still. Lora contributed cheese and yummy chips and salsa.

We got to see some friends as well. Including our friend Betty Jane who was working on the show!

This was my first time seeing Rocky Horror on stage…and I must say I’d rather watch the movie. All of the actors did a fabulous job, but I did not like the screenplay adaptation of the movie. It moved to fast and for people who had never seen it before it was a bit confusing.

This was also my first time being involved in the participation part of the show. We didn’t bring any props but the nice people behind us loaned us some newspaper…

We did the Time Warp! I wasn’t familiar with any of the callback lines, but it was fun to hear everyone else do them. It was a rowdy crowd!

Sunday was another lazy morning of sleeping in followed by cleaning and laundry. Then we headed to Red Mesa for Mother’s Day dinner.

Jon and I had gone to Red Mesa for his birthday right after we started going out. That was about 5 years ago and we hadn’t been back since! Not sure why (we think maybe cause it’s not on our normal path of places to go) because the food was delicious! You get free chips and salsa, which were awesome. We ordered a gaucamole as an appetizer and a pitcher of sangria. The gauc was very yummy and fresh tasting with nice chunks of avocado in it. The sangria was realllyyy good and had a hint of cinnamon in it, which was different than most sangrias I’ve had. For an entree I got the chicken enchiladas. I was disappointed at the small size of the enchiladas at first, but it ended up being the perfect amount. The enchiladas themselves were bursting with flavor and had a perfect mole and verde sauce on them. The rice and black beans were equally good. We will definitely be back!

After we were rolled out of the restaurant we headed home and put on the Ides of March, which was a pretty good movie. It was nice to see Ryan Gosling in a non-romantic role. And it made me so glad that I am not in politics!

Somewhere during the movie Jon whipped up some special Mother’s Day crepes.

Inside that puppy is Nutella and banana. Oh ya. Do I really even need to say that this was amazing?

How was everyone else’s Mother’s Day? To all the moms out there I hope you got pampered lots!