Foodie Friday: Cuban Night

We had a mighty delicious dinner last night.


Oh yes.

I have many favorite meals that Jon makes, but his black beans and rice? I could happily eat those for the rest of my live and be perfectly content. They’re my form of comfort food.

And when I threw them out as an idea for last night’s meal, we realized it had been almost a year since he made them. Blasphemy!

On the menu:

Black beans


Jasmine rice


Pulled pork




For those who are unfamiliar, tostones are fried plantains. Not as popular as their cousins, sweet plantains, but just as delicious. Oh and those little guys in the back there? Those are chicharones, aka fried pork skin. I’m not the biggest fan, but Jon loves it. They’re not bad…just a little too much for me.


You can buy plantains at your local grocery store (a local latin market would be better though…they have fresher ones). Jon cuts them into about 1 1/2 inch pieces and shallow fries them in a pan until they’re browned. Then he places them in the plantain skin and flattens them. Then back to the oil they go to finish off. A little sprinkle of salt and they’re ready for eating!


Not the greenest meal, but boy was it delicious!

Other cuisines I can’t ever get enough of: Mexican, Italian and Vietnamese.

What are your favorite cuisines?


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