Chicken Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

Before I get into my culinary adventure of the week let’s recap the past few days shall we?

I started the weekend off with doing the infamous “Fran” WOD at CrossFit.


It’s a no joke workout. I managed to finish in 7:52 with mostly using a 30 lb weight for the thrusters and a band for the pull ups. I actually started off with 40 lb, but had to scale it down after the first round.

I also made some CrossFit goals for the year 🙂


I’m just starting to learn how to do kipping pull ups, which makes it easier to do a pull up. So far I’m not so successful, but everyone keeps telling me it’s a movement you just need to keep practicing and then one day it will “click”.

Saturday was a fun filled day. After CrossFit, Jon and I took Maddie with us to the Saturday Morning Market. After battling the crowds for an empanada and a smoked turkey leg we walked down to North Shore Dog Park so Maddie could play. This is the second time we’ve been to this dog park and will probably be the last. The whole park is pretty much dirt with pockets of mud (ew) and Maddie doesn’t seem to like it too much. She won’t try to play with any of the dogs and just runs to the gate like she wants to leave. Jon ended up taking her to our usual park later on in the day and she had a much better time. Maybe she just missed her doggie friends? 🙂

Later that night we met up with a group of friends at our fav bar, Ale and the Witch.


It was a grand time. Good friends, good conversation, good band. And I discovered the awesomeness that is Zombie Killer cider.


Now, on to my latest culinary adventure. The more time I spend in the kitchen and study recipes, the more I’m becoming more comfortable with adapting recipes and making them my own.

Case in point: Chicken Broccoli Quinoa Casserole.


I’ve mentioned before about how much my inner housewife loves casseroles. Seriously, they’re so easy.

I’ve been in the mood for quinoa lately and we had some broccoli to use up so I looked through a few broccoli quinoa casserole recipes and decided to just go with the flow and adapt a few recipes to make my own.


This came out soooo good. I loved the creaminess from the cheese, soup and yogurt, and the crunchiness of the broccoli. And adding the chicken made this meal a one dish dinner.

These kinds of recipes are very easy to adapt so feel free to experiment! Don’t like spice? Leave out the red pepper flakes and sirachi. Or you could use more greek yogurt in place of the soup. Or chicken stock instead of vegetable stock. So many variations!

What recipes have you created lately?

1 thought on “Chicken Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

  1. Excellent work on Fran. The kip is an elusive beast, but once mastered it becomes suck a huge part of your approach. I have tried to explain to friends and fellow noob crossfitters that you are actually doing a pullup with your hips. I usually just get a blank stare from them. Then one day it ‘clicks!’ My girlfriend started doing kips within the first month of Crossfit, I secretly curse her for it!

    Great post. Can’t wait to try the recipe!

    All the Best,

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