Holiday Giving

My sickness has returned 😦

Luckily, it’s not as bad as it was the first time around. But boy is it hard to get up after you take NyQuil the night before! I feel like a zombie until about 9 a.m.

I wasn’t about to miss our holiday work party though!

Some people roll their eyes at work parties, Secret Santa, silly Xmas office games…but I love it! I love team bonding and being able to have fun with co-workers in a non-work atmosphere.


We had a casino game night, which has been a hit in years past. I learned how to play Blackjack! Thank goodness we weren’t playing for money though 😉

There was a fun photo booth that my friend Ashley and I partook in. And LOTS of food. They usually do a lot of hors d’oeuvre type of stuff, but they had more meal type food this time and I loved it. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and vegetables filled my plate. There were also many yummy looking desserts, but I ended up having a few glasses of wine and forgetting about dessert. Actually still kind of kicking myself over that one, ha!


Example of my “cloudy sick head” in action. I saw yesterday’s CrossFit workout and figured I was well enough to give it a go.

Back Squats


Each of the those numbers is reps.

Unfortunately, the warm up included two 400 meter runs, one with a weighted ball. I almost died.

Then during the workout I was supposed to add a total of 35# onto my bar…instead I put 35# on EACH side. I tell one of the coaches, “I don’t understand…this weight is well below my one rep max yet it feels SO heavy!” He just looks at me and says “You have 115# on there.” (I was going for 80#) Oops. Needless to say I had my first PR last night in CrossFit! 115# back squat…up 5# from my last! Might not sound like much but an additional 5# feels like a lot when lifting.

Crazy to think that Christmas is just a few days away! I really need to get some wrapping done…

In the midst of holiday craziness I’ve noticed that this time of year is when there’s a big push for charities asking for donations. Salvation Army bell ringers, Toys for Tots bins, various Facebook posts from various charities asking to help better the holiday’s for kids and families.

This time of year, it’s important to step back from your Christmas shopping list and remember what this season is all about. Family, togetherness, love and kindness. Not all families will be having a Merry Christmas. But there are ways that we can help. What better Christmas gift to give than knowing you helped make someone elses Christmas better?

It’s as simple as volunteering for a toy drive or a soup kitchen, donating money to a cause (every $1 counts!) or donating goods. I dropped off two toys in my local Publix’s Toys for Tots bin last weekend and was overjoyed to see it brimming at the top. Any bit helps.

Are you giving this year? What charities do you like to give to?

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