The Happiest Day on the Planet


Yesterday I had a one of a kind experience.


I ran The Color Run!

The Color Run is known as the “Happiest 5k on the Planet” and that it was.

Even though I laid everything out the night before I got up ay 7 a.m. to give myself some time to wake up, eat and get ready. My fuel was a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and banana.

I drove downtown and met up with my friend Karen to walk to Vinoy Park, where the race was starting.


She had the brilliant idea of taping our shoes so they didn’t get dirty!


As we approached the park we saw the color stations being set up.


When we got to the park we got behind the start line. Lots of people! And so many had such great costumes, from tutus to unicorn horns…we vowed to think of something fun for next year!



I did have some fun sunglasses to wear. Plus a bandana to cover my mouth and white knee highs for extra color coverage!




I wanted to get some race action shots, but was too afraid of my phone getting color on it. I’m sure it would have been fine (the color is essentially colored cornstarch and 100% natural) but even still it stayed safe in my Spibelt in a ziploc bag. 🙂

We went through four colors: pink, blue, orange and yellow. It was a great course that took us up to the Pier and down Beach Drive. This was truly a fun run. The race wasn’t timed so there was no pressure to make a certain time. There were walkers as well as runners. I ran because I was counting this as my exercise for the day and I hadn’t run in a while. I started off running with Karen, but eventually had to slow down. With not having run for a while and  being sick most of the week I wasn’t feeling my best. Karen timed herself and ended around 31:00 so I imagine I ended around 35:00.


The race was sold out. There were 10,000 people! As we watched people finish they just kept coming and coming!


As promised, this was the most fun race I’ve ever ran. If it’s coming to your city and there’s still spots left I definitely recommend signing up!


Later that night my friends Karen and Lora co-hosted a Champagne and Cookies holiday party.


I arrived early to help set up.


This is actually just some of the food. Lots of other goodies were added! I made the two plates of skewers you see there. Plus this spicy cranberry cream cheese dip that hardly got touched cause I think people didn’t know what it was…but it was really good!


Mmm Lora did an awesome job making cookies! They were all so good.

Karen has an awesome condo downtown and the building has a spacious party room for residents to use. With beautiful views of St. Pete it was an excellent party spot.


An overall great night of champagne, cookies, food and friends!

Have you done The Color Run?

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