A Note on Newtown

My hometown is Easton, Connecticut. A small, suburban town, where as kids we always joked that the number of cows outnumbered the number of people. We always complained that our town was “boring”.

Fairfield County is filled with all-American, middle to upper class households. It is a comfortable place to live and needless to say, I always felt safe growing up.

Newtown, CT is just 15 miles from Easton and reflects that same safe, suburban feel.

So when my mom called me Friday morning and said there had been a school shooting I almost didn’t believe it. And the shocks just kept coming.

An elementary school?

20 children killed?

All of the same questions swirled through my head that I’m sure went through yours as well. Who could do such a thing? What kind of senseless act of violence is this?

My eyes instantly filled with tears as I kept scanning news updates and watching live coverage. My heart is breaking for the parents, the children, the faculty, everyone involved. And I’m also thinking about the aftermath. All the children who will have to live with those horrible images for the rest of their lives.

The phrase, “it can happen any where”, is certainly ringing true.

I’m going to echo what most people have been saying…hug your family, tell them you love them…you never know what tomorrow will bring.

I will also make a personal statement that all of these tragic shootings are beyond gun control issues and safety issues. What really lays beneath is a mental disease issue. This article let’s you take a peak into that issue.

And most importantly here’s how you can help the victims: Newtown Memorial Fund

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