‘Tis the Season to Reassess

Another year is quickly coming to an end. In the midst of twinkling lights, decorations and holiday cheer, it seems to be the time of year where most people look back and evaluate their accomplishments this past year.

Although I believe we should take time to reflect all the time, it seems that’s nearly impossible. We live hustle bustle lives and rarely do we find time for ourselves. But I guess it’s better that we reflect once a year instead of not at all, right?

Last year I created a list of goals for 2012. I remember glancing at it a few months ago and being proud that I actually accomplished some of those goals.

2012 Goals

1. Find inner peace

I’m still working on this one. As I said last year this should be a lifelong goal, and I still believe that.

2. Think local first

I was so proud of myself last year for getting all of my Christmas gifts at local stores. I hope to do the same this year, but not sure if it will happen. Money is tight and as much as I love local stores I’m afraid my pocketbook loves some bargain deals at the big chains as well.

I’ve also had a plan in mind for the past few years to start buying groceries (especially produce) at local places. That hasn’t quite happened yet, but Jon is getting fed up with Publix produce so I’m hoping we can start visiting some local produce stands soon.

3. Become financially smart

I did start a budget this year and have tracked my spending each month. It has helped in the sense I know where my money is going. It hasn’t helped in the sense that I still spend it and need to save more. Still haven’t opened a savings account OR started any kind of retirement plan, which is important to me. I hope to open a savings account with any Christmas dollars I might get.

4. Have a creative outlet

Thankfully, this has been crossed off the list. I found a freelance blog writing gig, which makes me so happy. I get to write about performing arts and other arts related events. I also want to start free writing every day.

5. Be involved

I volunteer through Junior League. I also volunteered with a local non-profit for a series of events they were doing. I really want to do more though. Thinking of trying to find some volunteer opportunities this holiday season.

6. Get educated

With the election this year I did try to educate myself on politics more. As for other things…not so much. I still need to schedule some news reading time into my day.

7. Get moving

Thankfully this has happened as well. From training for a 10k to starting CrossFit I definitely feel like I have a good fitness groove going on now.

I’m still thinking about goals for 2013. Good to have all of these thoughts in mind while doing that.

Besides reflection, this month is going to be filled with such fun. I was filling out our fridge calendar for the month this morning and getting excited for all of the holiday parties coming up! Really need to start that Christmas shopping too…

What’s your favorite part about the holiday season?

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