Voting, Zoofari and Articulate

Last Wednesday, I voted.

I’m so proud of myself. I only remember voting once via absentee ballot  while I was in college, but that’s it. I’ve never actually gone and voted in person. It’s a simple act, but it was exciting. I’m such a hands on person…getting a ballot, hovering over it in the little booth and sliding it through the slot made it so much more real to me.

When I was 18 I was happy to be able to vote…my first mark of my adult freedom. At 21, I didn’t vote…it was “too much trouble” to get an absentee ballot so I just crossed my fingers instead. At 26, I had a “why vote?” attitude. I’ve never been one for politics and because of this I’ve never had my finger on the pulse of what was going on government wise…locally or nationally. I’m not proud of this…it’s just a fact. And because I didn’t know much about what was going on I felt silly for voting. How could I vote for people I had never heard of or for amendments I didn’t understand. I have a co-worker/friend/mentor at work who started getting on my case about this. She urged me to register to vote. And as time went on I started paying closer attention to what was going on. My choice for president was clear to me, but other local votes were confusing to me, but I found out who these people were, what they stood for and voted accordingly. And thank goodness there are sites that explain the amendments!

I feel even sillier now for thinking that voting is silly. There should be no excuse not to vote. If you don’t know the candidates, do your research. Simple as that. Ask like-minded friends who might know more about politics than you do, about what’s going on. And especially if you’re a woman. We fought for our right to vote…it’s a slap in the face to the woman before us if we do not vote.

So I hope you all have your choices ready for tomorrow, if you haven’t voted already!

Ok, end soap box speech 🙂

Thursday, I went to the St. Petersburg Young Professional’s Fall Bash. It was a chance for the council to get together, mingle and network. It was at Push downtown, which I’m not usually a fan of, but it was closed off for our group and was actually a nice setting. I ran into some old friends (including some Eckerd alums!) and met some new people. It was a great time!

Saturday, Jon and I went to Zoofari at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. I’m an Elite member on Yelp and won 2 free tickets through a contest they did! I was even more excited that Jon had Saturday off so he could join me 🙂

We’ve never been to Lowry Park before and we definitely want to come back sometime so we can see the animals. There were supposed to be “animal ambassadors” at the entrance, but I didn’t see any 😦

This. event. is. huge. There were so many people and different things to see we were a little overwhelmed at first. We got a drink first and then walked around some to get the lay of the land. There were tons of food vendors, but also tons of lines. Eventually, we noticed that one section had vendors in a circle and there was a continuous line just going around the circle of vendors. So we hoped in line and rode on the “carousel of food” as we called it.

Some highlights were the cuban sandwich stuffed pork tenderloin from Yacht Starship Dining Cruise (inventive and delicious) and the meat from Texas de Brazil (really want to go there now!) There was a whole dessert section as well, where we got the ultimate sugar high. I have to say right now. Look up Blondie’s Cookies right now and plan on going to a store or order some cookies online. They are to DIE for. So so so delicious! We tried a kind of cookie bar, which Jon went gaga over, and a sugar cookie with buttercream icing. I’ll be dreaming about those cookies. Seasons 52 was also there and we shared 3 (yes, 3) of their mini desserts. Then I spotted Yogurtology, which was perfect since I thought their fruity flavor would be a great palate cleanser.

Sorry for the lack of photos…it was pretty dark throughout the festival since it was outside. And I always seemed to be juggling a cup and plate, plus my clutch…adding a phone in there would have been impossible. I can’t for the day that all food festival events get a supply of these. They may be more expensive, but so much more efficient for guests. Plus, MUCH less waste!

Besides the abundance of lines (which can’t really be helped) Zoofari was a pretty awesome event and I’m so glad to have been able to go. Thanks Yelp!

Sunday, us Articulate bloggers got together for a meetup at Moon Under Water. I enjoyed a glass of wine, pierogies (yum!) and listening to the other art filled minds at the table. There are really some fantastic minds within our group. Everyone is so knowledgeable and passionate about the arts, it kind of blows my mind. If you haven’t checked out the site yet, do it!

It’s going to be a pretty boring week here, but I plan on updating you all on some recent recipes I’ve tried soon!

What’s your favorite food festival to go to where you live?

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