Happy Halloween!

There were so many Halloween festivities this weekend I feel like Halloween has already passed. It’s such a fun holiday, though I’m glad the fun is continuing!

Today at work we’re having a potluck.

There seemed to be a chips and dip theme πŸ™‚

I made a Rosemary Tomato White Bean Dip. Pretty tasty and very easy to make. As I always say, I love recipes where you just through a bunch of things together and mix πŸ™‚

Back up to this weekend. Saturday my friend Lora and I knew we wanted to dress up and do something…we just didn’t know what! We ended up getting dinner (in costume) at Red Mesa Cantina. Then meeting up with other friends at Mandarin Hide. We ended the night at Emporia (the old Independent for you locals). We sat outside and I couldn’t stop myself from people watching. So many costumes!

I was a ladybug πŸ™‚

Does anyone else feel like they think of awesome costume ideas throughout the year, then when Halloween finally rolls around you can’t think of ANYTHING? I need to start writing them down!

I was one of those last-minute-costume people. I actually drew inspiration from Maddie, who I already knew I wanted to dress up as a bumblebee. I thought maybe I’d be a bumblebee along with her so I started looking up costumes. Remembering that most women costumes are not so tasteful, I started thinking of ways I could put one together myself. Then I thought a ladybug would be better since red is more my color πŸ™‚

All in all I’m proud to say my costume only cost me around $20.

Wings and antenna headband – Goodwill, $7 (came as a set)

Red T-shirt – Walmart, $4

Black felt for black circles – Walmart, .50 cents

Glue – Walmart, under $1

Black skirt – Ross, $10

Tights and shoes – My own

I debated on a black tutu instead of a skirt, but glad I chose a skirt. I was so comfy all night!

The shirt was super simple. I just free-handed cutting out circles, placed them on the shirt, then glued them down. Done in about 5-10 minutes.

On Sunday, my friend Ashley and I went to a local Halloween event for dogs on St. Pete Beach. So cute to see all the doggies dressed up.

Maddie and Halle in their bumblebee outfits.

Nothing planned for tonight except Iowa Girl Eat’s Apple Almond Quinoa with Maple Sausage (YUM) and hopefully some scary movies on TV.

I’m also looking forward to voting! I have only voted once since I turned 18 (a fact I’m not proud of) and it was through an absentee ballot during school. So I’m excited to actually be going to a poll and doing the real live thing.

What are your Halloween plans and what (or who) are you dressed up as?


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