Weekly Meals and Fitness (Oct. 22-28, 2012)

Wow, am I behind or what? Even though I just left for a weekend I’m still mixing up my days left and right this week. Geesh!


Monday – Was going to go out to eat, but we decided to be lazy bums and get Chinese take out.

Tuesday – Dinner at Bella Brava.

Wednesday – Raid the freezer.

Thursday – Dinner out?

Friday – ?

Saturday – ?

Sunday – ?

As you can see, this is what happens when I’m gone all weekend and have not even given meal planning a single thought. It is definitely a fly by the seat of my pants kind of week.


Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Ran 2 miles

Wednesday – CrossFit

Thursday – CrossFit

Friday – CrossFit

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Run 2 miles or CrossFit

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