You Can Do It

Picking up from where I left off last…Sweeney Todd was a great show! It was put on by St. Pete Opera at The Palladium. Some of the acting was kind of “eh”, but the show is a musical, where they’re singing 90% of the time so any questionable acting was redeemed by wonderful singing voices. I’d never seen Sweeney Todd on stage and I’m glad I finally got a chance to see it!

Thursday was Beer with the Bard at The Ale and the Witch. Seems like people are coming out later now…the crowds seem slim until we’re about to leave. But we had some great performances and I love just going to hang out with my fellow St. Pete Shakesters and have a cider in the courtyard.

While I have been enjoying my recent cooking adventures, there have been days when I haven’t planned my dinner that night or don’t feel like cooking what I planned. So when I was at Publix on Friday I ended up picking out my dinner from a section I rarely ever visit: the frozen food section.

Luckily, my meal came out tastier than expected. I’ve always wanted to try the Alexia sweet potato fries and the spicy version was just calling my name. These are GOOD! Oh my goodness, they taste just like they would if you got them in a restaurant…nice and crispy…not soggy or weird at all. My brussel sprouts steamed in the bag and were easy peasy. The salmon burgers I was really hesitant about…frozen seafood kind of freaks me out. But the ingredients weren’t all that bad so I gave them a try. They were surprisingly pretty delicious. I hate some sodium bloat afterwards, but they’re definitely a keeper for a quick fix!

Saturday I was going to a friend’s Halloween get together, where we were asked to bring snacks, so I whipped up a few things.

I made this Bacon Ranch Cheeseball, which was awesome. And HUGE. I didn’t have parmesan so I used gorgonzola instead and it worked great. For a shortcut I also used pre-shredded cheese. Another shortcut would be to use bacon bits, but we already had bacon open so I decided to use it up.

I also made Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispees…a Pinterest find. These were a bit disappointing. They tasted great, but I didn’t have enough marshmallow to cereal ratio so they were crumbly 😦

The party was fun and laid back. Always good to see friends. And watch them carve pumpkins…it was quite the scene.

Someone didn’t like the fact that I went to the party without her…

That’s a brand new toy FYI. I still love you Maddie!

Yesterday, even though all I wanted to do was lay on the couch all day, my friend Ashley convinced me to go to the beach with her. We hung out at Toasted Monkey, had some yummy tropical drinks and an awesome plate of nachos.

By the time we got back, took our dogs to the dog park and I went to the grocery store it was nearing 8 p.m. and I was so tempted to make it another frozen meal night. But I had a pork tenderloin that needed to get made so I stuck it out and made myself dinner.

My first time cooking a pork tenderloin! It actually came out really well, nice and juicy, but boy was it an obstacle to get there. I found a recipe that was simple…salt, pepper, herbs de provence. Put in oven at 425 degrees for 12-15 minutes. Well, I took it out after 15 minutes and the darn thing was still completely raw on the inside. Back in it goes. I checked it every 10 minutes until finally it was done. 50 minutes total! I told Jon when he got home.

“Did you sear it?”

“Of course I didn’t, the recipe didn’t say to.”

“I always sear it, then finish it in the oven for 8 minutes.”


At least it came out good! Served alongside with a sweet potato and overdone roasted asparagus.

CrossFit has been kicking my butt. Have I said that already? I went on Monday, had a killer workout, then couldn’t move my arms for three days. Friday was another killer with 100 burpees thrown it at the end. I actually like burpees, but 100 was pushing it. I half-jokingly asked the coach if I could scale mine down to 50. He answered with an astounding “no”. I got to 50 and proclaimed that I was done. Again our coach wasn’t having it. I sighed, caught my breath and talked myself into continuing. I was doing them in sets of 10, which helped, but I still struggled. When I got to 70 I said to myself, “Wow, maybe I CAN do this.” I caught a second wind and the coach even did some burpees with me to encourage me. I kept going and finally reached 100. I did it! Holy crap. It felt so good and I was so thankful to have our coach push me to push myself.

I read a quote somewhere recently that said something like if you don’t push yourself as hard as you can, you’ll know what your breaking point is. So true. I’m glad I pushed myself. Because I realized that I could do this, I was just talking myself out of it. This goes for non-fitness related goals as well. Pushing yourself may be scary, but it pays off in the end.

How have you pushed yourself lately?

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