Getting Serious

Well I survived my first week of CrossFit (and am eagerly awaiting my class tonight!). I am really excited to start regular classes, but am enjoying this intro period. It is extremely helpful since I’ve never lifted anything heavier than a 10lb dumbell.

I said to Jon the other night, “If CrossFit doesn’t get me in the best shape of my life then nothing can. I just want visable abs for once in my life!” To which he replies, “Hunny, if you want abs that comes with diet too.” Gosh darnit.

I am a huge non-believer in “diets”. I get crazy angry when people tell me they’re on such and such diet and can’t eat this or that. That’s crazy talk. There is only one way to eat and it’s not hard. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, no refined sugars, etc. etc. I know how to eat healthy and I think 80% of the time I do. But I LOVE food. All kinds. And because I believe you shouldn’t deprive yourself of what you love I tend to have my once a week Taco Bus burrito or indulge in a nightly glass of wine AND dessert. I always tell myself “everything in moderation”, but recently I’ve been taking a second look at my philosophy. I still believe in it, but think maybe I should be more serious about what I eat. Even though there’s nothing wrong in enjoying the foods you love, sometimes we still need to manage those foods and make them a once in a while kind of food.

I have to reiterate here that overall health is always at the top of my mind. It’s not that I “think I’m fat” and want to loose a few lbs. It’s really just me wanting to be the healthiest I can be. Food is fuel and I want that fuel to give me energy, make me feel good, keep me from getting sick and to give me a long, fulfilling life. And yes, even though I want visable abs, to me having a toned body isn’t just purely vanity…it’s proof of a healthy, active, strong person.

So if I’m going to be serious enough to join CrossFit I need to look into what I’m putting into my body as well.

My new fitness goals:

  • This week I’m going to get back into my running (2 weeks until I run a 10k!) so I’m picking back up where I left off in my training. Plus my 3 CrossFit intro classes.
  • Next week begins my 2 weeks of unlimited CrossFit classes so I’m going to try and go 5 times a week plus my training runs.
  • After those 2 weeks are up I’ll be doing 2 CrossFit classes a week plus 2 to 3 runs a week and an at home workout.

My new nutrition goals:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables…incorporate into every meal/snack.
  • Whole grains only.
  • Limit sweets.
  • Limit the booze.
  • Eat my carbs for breakfast/lunch (i.e. if I have cereal for breakfast and a sandwich at lunch, dinner should not include carbs).
  • Have only one unhealthy meal a week (whether it’s homemade or take out).
  • Meal plan to avoid having to resort to take out.
  • Cook at home more often!

There you have it. I think I will also try to post my weekly exercise and meal plans to help get me in the planning ahead habit.

Do you plan your exercise and meals for the week? What are your current fitness and nutrition goals?

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