Crossfit Day 1: Foundations

So I finally bit the bullet. The Crossfit bullet to be exact.

I’ve been wanting to try Crossfit for a long time. But I had the same fears that most people seem to have…it looked too hard, too intense, etc. etc.

But then Tina joined Crossfit and I eagerly read each post she wrote about her experience and how much she loves it. She made it seem not so scary at all.

Then Jon’s sisters, Tori and Alyson joined their local Crossfit. They both couldn’t stop talking about how awesome it is and I noticed their bodies looking stronger each time I saw them.

That sealed the deal. I wanted to be a Crossfitter. The only thing that has really held me back is the $$$ aspect, but I’m going to see how I fare for the first few months and see if it doesn’t affect my budget too much.

There’s two Crossfit boxes in St. Pete. I chose Crossfit9 since it was the closest to home and their prices seemed more wallet friendly. Crossfit9 requires you to take a 2 week Foundations class, where they go over the structure of the class as well as teach you all the different exercises they do. $150 covers this Foundations class (which is 3 classes per week) plus 2 weeks of unlimited membership. I’d say that’s a pretty fair price!

So yesterday I pulled up to the box, took a deep breath and walked in. Even though I had already tried a class before, I was still a bit nervous. It was that whole first day of school feeling…what will my classes be like? Will I like my teacher? Will the other kids like me?

Bryan, the coach of the box greeted me immediately. I signed a waiver and then our group was gathered together to start. First we watched a video that gave a nice overview on Crossfit. I loved how they showed a variety of people in the video…people were all different ages and sizes, which shows that this is really something that anybody can do. And I also loved how they all spoke about community. That’s one of Crossfit’s big selling points for me…it’s not just a gym. It’s a family. It’s a lifestyle.

After the video Bryan explained the main structure of the class. Each day there’s a warm up posted for when you arrive. Then there’s a certain skill that you work on for the day. After that is when everyone does the WOD (workout of the day).

Last night we worked on air squats, deadlifts and sumo lifts. I really like that they are so focused on form. I’ve heard a few negatives about Crossfit not worrying about proper form, but it seems like that varies from box to box. Bryan spent a lot of time on each of these exercises to make sure we had them down perfectly.

Next we were ready for our WOD:

AMRAP (As many reps as possible) in 10 minutes

20 Air Squats

20 Sumo lifts

I ended up getting through 4 and had to switch to a lighter bar after my first rep. That’s another thing I really liked…they were very encouraging on switching to a lighter weight if the one you had was too much.

It was a great first experience at my local Crossfit box! I can’t wait to continue…I think it will be an exciting change to my fitness routine.

Do you do Crossfit? If so, what made you join?

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