The Worst Dinner Ever Made

It’s no mystery that I am not very capable in the kitchen. When presented with the task of cooking my heart races, my palms get sweaty and I dizzily scan the instructions immediately coming up with 50 questions of how to do this and that. I’m just not one of those people who can go in blindly and add a dash of this and a dash of that and it’s delicious.

Every now and then I do actually make something edible…sometimes even tasty. But Monday night’s dinner was a far far cry from one of those times.

Baked chicken, cherry pecan feta quinoa and steamed green beans. Doesn’t sound too hard does it?

I’m one of those that has to look up directions on everything…even baking chicken. Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes. Ok, easy enough. I seasoned the chicken with a bunch of dried herbs, salt, pepper and paprika. Even sliced some lemons to put on top. In it goes.

While that was baking I got started on the quinoa. I had a little less than what I needed for the recipe, which I think was my first problem with the quinoa. I sautéed onion on the pan, put in the quinoa and let it cook. Then I chopped up the cherries and pecans and reduced the balsamic vinegar. We had a small bottle of cinnamon pear balsamic that had been sitting around so I decided to use that. May have been my second problem. After the quinoa was cooked I mixed in the cherries, pecans and feta. This is where I should have stopped and tasted it. At this point it was probably ok…it may have even been good. Then I put the balsamic on top. It seemed to drown the quinoa…it was definitely too much.

By this time the chicken was ready. I had also steamed the green beans. I tested one and it was perfectly crunchy, but I ended up leaving them in the water too long while assembling the plates. So they became mushy.

The chicken? The driest chicken I’ve ever had. I guess I should have gone with 30 minutes instead of 40. The quinoa? Disgusting. It legitimately tasted like vomit. What did I do?? I’m blaming the balsamic.

It was so bad that Jon couldn’t even eat any of his plate. 😦

But luckily there’s always a silver lining.

The chicken got made into a chicken salad that I’ve been topping my salads with this week. The green beans are still good although mushy. The quinoa is still sitting in the fridge. I figured it may taste better cold, but I’m afraid to put it in my mouth again.

Please tell me I’m not alone in my cooking failures.

What’s the worst dinner you’ve ever made?

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