Labor Day Weekend

I have a love/hate relationship with holiday weekends. I obviously love them because I get an extra day tacked on to the too short weekend. I hate them because come Tuesday I seem to have forgotten my head. Like forgetting my rent and certain bills that are due at the beginning of the month. Oops.

I had quite the weekend…

Jon’s sisters are CrossFit-ers and I’ve been telling them that I’d like to try it out. So Saturday morning I woke up bright and early with them and off we went.

It wasn’t nearly as intimidating as most people think it is. Yes, people do badass things like climb ropes, do handstand push ups and lift twice their bodyweight. But the friendly family-like atmosphere you get right upon entering washes away any nerves you may have. Saturday was Open Gym day at their CrossFit so Tori and Alyson formed our workout along with the coach.

In honor of my visit…”The Katie” 🙂

Do as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes.

20 calories on the row machine

20 kettleballs

20 meters of pushing weights on this thing I can’t remember the name of

20 dead bugs (similar to V-pushups)

We ended up doing 4 rounds. It was really similar to a bootcamp workout, except with different equipment. I loved it! I’m really a fan of high intensity interval training workouts so I always felt that I’d be a CrossFit fan. Before I left I tried my hand at some pull ups. I also tried climbing the rope…I was doing great until I was almost to the top and I looked down. My fear of heights kicked in and I had to come down from fear of falling. I know, I’m a wuss!

Evidence of a job well done.

I’m planning on joining a local CrossFit box here in St. Pete. I can’t wait to get started!

After our workout we decided to head across the street to this European American bakery that Tori had been wanting to check out.

Holy moly. This is not a good place to come to after a workout. I wanted to stuff my face with a tray of cookies.

Everything looked delicious. It’s actually a cafe as well and they have an awesome sounding menu.

We ended up getting a raspberry danish to take home to the rest of the fam. It was heavenly, best danish I’ve ever tasted!

After some chores and pug cuddling…

It was time for dinner.

Grilled shrimp a la Jon for apps.

London broil, roasted broccoli and roasted potatoes for the main feature.

Later that night we put on our cowboy boots and headed out for a night at Dixie Roadhouse.

This place is insane. There’s very little nightlife in Cape Coral so once this place opened it instantly became one of the top hang out places. I’m not one for country music, but the vibe of this place is pretty cool and they do play some fun dance music that’s not country. It also makes for excellent people watching. This was our second time here and we all agreed last time we went was much better. They didn’t play a lot of good music this time and it was sooo smokey I could hardly stand it. But we still managed to have a good time and ended up running into some friends we hadn’t seen in a while!

The next morning we rose early again, put on our swimsuits and headed out to board Tori’s friend’s sailboat. This boat was nothing short of awesome. It’s been in the family for years and is very retro.

Meet Captain Diesel. What a cutie! I told Jon our next dog has to be a Boston Terrier.

It was a beautiful day. We rode out to Picnic Island and grilled burgers and hot dogs for lunch. And did some jumps off the roof of the boat. Again my fear of heights kicked in, but I went for it…ugh I hate that feeling of falling!

We ended the day with a dinner of ribs, Jon’s collared greens and corn on the cob. Mmm…perfect way to end such a fun filled weekend!

How did you spend your Labor Day weekend?

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