New Member

We’ve welcomed a new member into our family.

She has certainly stole our hearts.

Her current name is Jolie, but we want to change it. Some names in the running: Annie, Maddie, Maggie, Molly. We’re leaning towards Maddie.

We’ve been wanting a dog for a long time. We both grew up with dogs and it just seems natural to have a furry friend in the house. Once we decided that we wanted an an Australian Shepard we began our search. I found New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue in our search. They’re a national rescue group but have different chapters, including a southeast chapter that handles Florida rescues. They rescue specifically Aussies and Aussie mixes. The women who run it are so nice and helpful. They get the time to get to know you and your lifestyle and are dead set on finding the right dog to match you with. We had to wait awhile since when we first applied they weren’t getting many dogs in. Eventually they told us about Jolie and we fell in love with her over her photos.

She was being fostered in Oviedo so we drove up there Saturday afternoon to meet her. As soon as we sat down she was all over us…sitting on our lap and rolling over asking for belly rubs. She is extremely friendly! It didn’t take us long to exchange the “she’s the one” look. Papers were signed and off we went with her. I felt bad taking her…she had only been there 2 weeks, and before that she was with another woman in the rescue for a few weeks. I felt bad that we were taking her to yet another new place.

She slept the whole 2 hours home and once we got her inside she adjusted right off the bat. She explored and sniffed every corner and then claimed her spot on the couch. Ever since then she’s been nothing but kissy and cuddly. I’m so glad she has eased into her new home so quickly and that she seems happy with us.

We can’t wait to give her the wonderful life she deserves 🙂

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