Foodie Friday – Favorite Foods

I was on my own for dinner last night so after a sweat sesh at Fit for Fashion I headed to Rollin’ Oats. They have the best prepared foods with a lot of variety. My eye was immediately drawn to the roasted brussels sprouts they had. And I had a passing thought of how funny it is that foods we used to hate as kids are foods that we can’t get enough of when we’re adults. Oh how the tastebuds change.

I don’t consider myself a picky eater. I’ll try anything once. But once I find a favorite of something, it’s hard for me to let go. For this Foodie Friday, here’s a list of my favorite foods.

Favorite meat: Pork, preferably roasted.

Favorite seafood: Do crabcakes count? If not, then salmon.

Favorite dessert: Cheesecake.


Favorite ice cream: Vanilla with a caramel swirl.

Favorite nut: Plain, unsalted almonds.


Favorite chips: Cape Cod all the way.

Favorite sandwich: Italian. And if I didn’t care about my health I’d eat salami and mustard sandwiches every day.

Favorite breakfast: Jon’s wheat germ sautéed apple pancakes. P.S. A weird think about me and pancakes is I can only eat homemade ones.

Favorite pizza: BBQ chicken. Although in Sicily I grew to love eggplant on pizza, but not a lot of places do that here.


Favorite juice: Pomegranate.

Favorite fruit: Avocado and berries. And mango!

Favorite vegetable: Brussel sprouts. Asparagus is a close second.


Favorite cheese: Smoked gouda.

Favorite alcoholic drink: Forever a wino.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Tea…I drink 2 cups a day.

Favorite pasta: I haven’t had it in forever, but I love penne a la vodka.


Favorite cuisine: I could eat Mexican all day every day. Close second is Italian.

There’s not much that I don’t like, but there are a few things I’ll always say no to…

Beer. I’ve tried both cheap and expensive and they all taste the same to me. I just can’t get around that hoppy yeasty taste. Blech!

Coffee. I’ve just never liked the taste.

Sprouts. Jon doesn’t understand this one. I just don’t like them! They taste too much like earth.

Foods that I’m iffy about:

Cauliflower. I keep meaning to give them a shot…I just don’t like the way they look, which I know is weird.

Cottage cheese. I think I just need to find a good brand. Again, I don’t like the way it looks.

Bleu cheese and brie. I used to HATE these cheeses, but am coming around to both.

Mushrooms. Love portabella, but raw button mushrooms I won’t touch.

Candy. I think I ate too much of it as a kid! I’m just not into it. Every once in a blue moon, if it’s presented to me, I’ll have a bite or two, but it’s nothing that blows me away.

What are some of your favorite and not so favorite foods?

***Please send good thoughts out to the people involved in the Colorado shooting this morning.***

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