Bait Nite, Birthdays and Camping

Hello!! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! It’s been a busy few days so time to play catch up.

Thursday was The Pier Aquarium’s second Bait Nite event. I had a friend’s birthday dinner to attend in Tampa so I didn’t stay long.

We had some great live music and someone doing live painting.

Some food from Sweet Tomatoes and Frida’s Bakery. I tried a mini cheesecake from Frida’s and it was delicious! Wish they’d open one closer to St. Pete.

There were also some fun games set up that had fish themes. Truth or dare Jenga anyone?

After some mingling I said my goodbyes and was off to Tampa. My friend, Sam, was having her birthday dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. I had only been there once before and it was a looong time ago so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I ordered my favorite kind of pizza, BBQ Chicken. I got it with their honey wheat crust, which proved to be a great decision. The pizza as a whole was good. Nothing fantastic, but good. The prices at chains kill me…you can go to a local restaurant and pay the same amount for better quality food and be supporting a local business.

FYI for Tampa Bay locals…July 1-7 is Independents Week so support your local businesses! Go shopping at a local boutique, dine at a local resturant and use locally owned services.

On Friday, I had no plans and Jon was working the night shift so I decided to do my long run of the week for my 10k training.

This week’s fitness schedule looked something like this:

Monday: Easy 2 miles

Tuesday: Crosstrain (Did an at home workout)

Wednesday: Speed run (1.5 miles alternating .25 mile run in 4:40 and .25 jog)

Thursday: Easy 2 miles

Friday: 6 miles

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Crosstrain (ended up doing a boot camp style class)

I ran through beautiful downtown and through Snell Isle. I kept a very easy pace, which helped me get through the whole 6 miles. This is the longest I’ve ever run. At some parts it kind of sucked, and others it was awesome. I was so glad I decided to wear a visor…that helped A LOT with the heat. Not so glad that I didn’t have any kind of water with me. I definitely need to invest in a handheld bottle or a camelbak. Any suggestions? Luckily there was a water fountain on my route or I would have died. Also, I need to plan my water intake/bathroom breaks better. I had to go a few miles in and finally gave in to one of the gross public bathrooms. But after that I was a new woman and I zipped through the end of my run.

I ran by a swing! Check out Swings Tampa Bay if you don’t know what this is about.

I am the sweatiest being alive.

I also need to have an after run snack handy. We had no food at home so I went to Fresh Market ro pick something up. By the time I got in the store I was famished. I spotted a chocolate milk and chugged that maybe down. Ahh, much better!

Saturday, we tried to get up to go to St. Pete Pride. I say tried because we failed. With Jon working late the night before and me being exhausted from a long week, 7 a.m. just wasn’t happening. I was sad though because I’ve always wanted to go and something always happens that keeps us from going. Oh well, important thing is is that we support equal love every day right?

Once I actually got up, my day was spent running errands. Then Jon and I made our way out to Ft. Desoto, where Sam was having a camping weekend for her birthday. It is just way too hot in Florida right now to camp so Jon and I just hung out for a bit. It was fun grilling, watching the sunset, making smores and sitting around the fire. And then going home to a shower and a real bed 🙂


Did you know they still made popcorn bags like this? Hilarious!

On Sunday, I attended the Chevy Fit 4 Life tour, which was oh so much fun, but I’m going to save all that for the next post!

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