Dinner and a Movie

Monday was a pretty quiet day. It’s usually our MadMen night, but now it’s over and we have nothing to watch! We need a new TV show series to keep us busy while we wait for Dexter to come back (which isn’t until September!) Any suggestions?

Tuesday we picked Jon’s parents up from the airport and brought them back to our place for dinner before they had to drive back home. They had spent a week in New Orleans so had lots of fun stories to relay. I’ve never really had an urge to go to New Orleans, but they made it sound fantastic, fun and full of history and culture!

I love intimate dinners.

Jon made a wonderful stuffed chicken with goat cheese and herbs and prosciutto. Yum! Served with a simple angel hair pasta tossed in olive oil and herbs. And roasted broccoli for something green.

Last night I had a date with my mom. We went to dinner at BellaBrava. She’s a vegetarian and they were nice enough to make her spaghetti with tomato sauce and she loved it. They’re very accommodating!

I had the Pasta Brava, which was penne in a cream sauce with peas, ham, crimini mushrooms and chicken.

I’d never dried this dish before, but I’d definitely order it again. I tend to stay away from cream sauces when I eat out because they tend to be very heavy. But as you can see the sauce was nice and light. It satisfied my craving for creamy comfort food without it bogging me down. It was very good…I loved the mixture of all the ingredients. I may have preferred pancetta instead of ham though.

I must also note that my mom tried their sangria and I had a sip. It’s one of the best I’ve tasted! Nice and light, not to fruity and of course very refreshing. Noted!

After dinner we went to the movies to see Bernie.


I hadn’t heard of this movie until my mom mentioned it and she wanted to see because she likes Jack Black and it was filmed in Texas (where she’s from).

It was a dark comedy, which is a movie genre I really like. And it was based on a true story. It was really a great movie. Not really laugh out loud funny…more humorous. But the acting was fantastic and the storyline interesting. Jack Black plays Bernie Tiede, who is supposed to be the nicest guy to ever walk the planet. He develops a relationship with an older woman who ends up being very possessive of him. One day he looses it and kills her. He then proceeds to lie to the entire town and pretend she’s still alive. I haven’t seen Jack Black in any serious roles, but I have to say I think I like him better in movies like this rather than the silly comedies he does. Matthew McConaughey was also quite good. This was the second best movie I’ve seen him in besides Dazed and Confused. (I dislike him in all the romantic comedies he’s done.)They also had a lot of interviews with the townspeople of the small town where this happened. I’d definitely recommend seeing it!

We’re off to Key West for the weekend…although it seems like there’s a possible tropical storm heading that way…still looking forward to a fun weekend though. Rain or shine! Crossing my fingers for shine.

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