Beer with the Bard

Last night was St. Pete Shakes’ first Beer with the Bard event at The Ale and the Witch. We’re going to be doing this little friendraiser every 2nd Thursday of the month.

And the first one was a success! Ale and the Witch already has a lot of people who frequent their awesome bar, but we also had a lot of friends and supporters who came out for the event.

We had a small raffle, had free buttons and magnets out and had some of our awesome actors perform some monologues.

It was a great time hanging with friends, meeting some new faces and spreading the word of the Bard 🙂

Since we were there around dinner time I stopped into Rollboto for some sushi. This was my first time trying the “Subway of sushi” and wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s kind of cool. They have rolls that they make and you can customize them, or you can create your own, which is what I did.

Brown rice, 1 oz tuna, 1 oz salmon, avocado, sweet potato fries (!), cucumber and spicy aioli.

The sweet potato fries were actually good in this…you can’t really tell you’re eating fries in sushi, but you get the awesome flavor of sweet potato.

The sushi itself was a-ok. Nothing too special, but it hit the spot. And the fish tasted fresh, which is most important.

Later in the night, Farm to Forks Organics was selling small plates in the courtyard. They’re there every Thursday!

I tried some truffle mac and cheese.

I liked it, but the truffle flavor was almost overwhelming. I always thought I liked truffles, but it seemed too much in this? I also had a lot of garlic aftertaste, which I’m not a fan of. I don’t like my meal hangin’ around! But I would definitely try them again next time.

Throughout the night I sipped on Woodchuck Ginger, which was awesome. Light and refreshing with the perfect amount of ginger taste. I forgot how full cider makes me though. I got a 2nd one and could barely get through half of it.

If you’re local and haven’t been to the Ale and the Witch you must. It’s located in the Plaza Tower Courtyard and just has the coolest atmosphere. And the owner Brett, is one of the nicest people I’ve met and he knows how to run a good business. And he just genuinely loves his job and seeing people have a good time.

Can’t wait to do this event every month!

We’re off to Cape Coral this weekend!


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