An Art Full Night

Hello hello! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

This past week has been fairly easy going and I am grateful because this week is going to be crazy busy!

I got my hairs cut with my mom on Wednesday. Shout out to Number 9 salon for always being awesome. My mom always comments on how everyone who works there has tattoos and it makes me laugh. Everyone that works there is awesome! Frank, the owner, knows how to run a great team. You can’t get a bad haircut there…it’s impossible. I’ve been seeing Morgan lately and she rocks. She’s also so fun to chat with.

After our haircuts we grabbed dinner at Tijuana Flats. I try to avoid chains, but this place is fast and cheap and fairly good. But what is truly awesome about this place is it’s service. It’s stellar. You are instantly greeted when you walk in and everyone is SO genuinely nice and pleasant. And they always make sure to say goodbye to you as you leave too. The only thing I don’t like is how it seems to be a requirement for girls to wear booty shorts.

Thursday we had our first volunteer St. Pete Shakes meeting, which was wonderful. A great meeting of the minds. It was awesome to see a group of people who love our group and want to help us succeed.

Friday my friend Lora subbed a yoga class at YogaBlu. I love doing yoga when it’s raining outside…extra peaceful. The power went out for a few minutes, which made me think how cool it would be to do yoga in the dark! On my way home I picked up Taco Bus for dinner and later Jon and I ended up hanging out at Joe and Mandy’s. I was so zonked from the day that I fell asleep on the couch while watching Natural Born Killers.

Saturday we woke up and took our new friend Zach to get dim sum. After a few errands and a nap at home we got ready for a fun night out. Every second Saturday of the month there’s a gallery walk in St. Pete, where galleries stay open late and you can peruse the latest exhibits for free. Cool, right?

First stop was the Morean Arts Center where they were having their opening reception for their street art exhibit, Leave a Message.

So much amazing work…

I loved reading the artist bios for these artists…they seemed the most in tune with art than most artists. They talked about where they grew up, how street art had influenced them and how they see art in everything. They all had great outlooks on art and what it means for them.

They had a tequila bar set up. The co-curator of the show also designed the image on this tequila bottle.

I had a tequila and grapefruit soda drink, which was delicious! Def my new favorite drink.

They had a really cute snack table too full of candies, yogurt covered pretzels, peanut butter filled pretzels, chex mix, etc. I grabbed a Twizzler and was transported to childhood.

Then we were off to an opening party for this new gallery called The Space in the Warehouse Arts District. This new found district has a few art galleries in an area where there’s a lot of run down warehouses (hence the name). I was so pumped about this event. They had promised aerial dancers, sword swallowers and all kinds of crazy stuff. But when we got there nothing was going on except a band playing. We stayed around for a bit, but eventually made our way next door to the Duncan McClellan studio. I’d heard a lot about this place, but hadn’t been yet so was glad we had the chance to check it out.

So many cool pieces!

I fell in love with these little guys hard.

They had a bunch of different animals. If they hadn’t cost $750 each I would have brought them all home.

After Duncan we realized we needed a meal. We stopped at The Burg Bar and Grill, which was close by and another place we’d been meaning to try.

This place used to be the Cider House and we hung out here all the time with friends. Lots of fun times. It was a little weird to be there in a different atmosphere.

We both got the gyro. I was skeptical, but it was actually really good! The meat was excellent and so was the tzatziki. The pita could have been better though. It was served with a side of chips, which they clearly make in house. Love that extra effort, but they would have been perfect with some seasoning.

After filling our bellies we realized it was only 9 p.m. We had done a lot in a few hours! Needless to say we ended up ending our night and went back home.

Sunday I had to go into work…what was supposed to be 4 hours turned into 8 hours, but it was fun. I got to help with a proposal!

How was your weekend? Have you ever helped out with or witnessed a proposal? Any fun art events in your area that you like to go to?

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