Nights With The TV

Happy National Running Day!

The weather is pretty terrible here in FL today. Very grey and cloudy with lots of possibility for a downpour. Plus I have a haircut appointment after work today and then dinner with my mom. So no running for me today :/

I have been doing really well with my workouts at Fit for Fashion. I’m trying to do 2 classes a week, 2 days of running and 1 day of yoga. I seem to really slack on the weekends though, so on average I’ve been getting in 4 exercise days in, which isn’t bad! I’m already starting to notice a difference in my body after going back to F4F. My body fat percentage has gone down and I’ve noticed some problem areas looking a little less problematic. With all the classes and running, yoga is becoming a must. Yoga is also a lot harder when you do so much other exercising! I always feel like I’m tight and sometimes can’t do poses that I used to do. But afterwards I feel amazing and loosey goosey.

It’s been a quiet week so far. Monday night we caught up on the latest episode of MadMen. SPOILER ALERT AHEAD. I was so upset about Lane…as soon as Don fired him I totally saw it coming, but it was just so sad. He had his moments of being sleazy like the other men, but you could tell that deep down he wasn’t like that and that he was a good man. Stealing money was most definitely wrong and of course Don had to fire him, but you can understand what a difficult position he was in. It really came down to pride. But you know that Don would have helped him out if he had asked…don’t you think? It’s just so terrible when people feel so lost that they feel like death is the only way out.


Do you watch MadMen? What did you think of the last episode?

Last night we watched the movie Goon, which starred Sean William Scott.


I’d never heard of this movie, but Jon said it had good ratings. I’ve also never seen Sean William Scott in anything expect the not-so-deep American Pie movies. But wow, what a great movie! We were laughing out loud at a lot of parts (and it takes a lot to make us laugh). Essentially it’s about a not-so-smart guy who joins a hockey team and his sole purpose is to fight members on the opposite team. I must say I was SO impressed with Sean William Scott. He was so funny and played his character perfectly. The acting all around was fantastic. Jay Baruchel was hilarious and Alison Pill was charming. I definitely recommend seeing this movie!

New Feature on A Full Plate

I want to start doing a Foodie Friday post each…well, Friday 🙂 I’ll pick a different food and devote the post to everything about that food…its history, how it should taste, best ways to make it, some recipes, etc. These will be foods that I’m both familiar and unfamiliar with. I think this could be fun! Any requests?

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