Kitten Saver

We’ll get to the title of this post in a bit…

Let’s start with Tuesday, where I actually made something edible for dinner 🙂 Ok, usually when I cook the dishes are edible, but they’re not always delicious. Tuesday’s dinner was delicious.

I made The Edible Perspective’s Quinoa Broccoli Casserole and it came out perfect. I did make some modifications though.

Chicken stock instead of vegetable stock

Panko crumbs for the breadcrumb topping

Shredded mozzarella instead of chedder or pepperjack

Kale instead of spinach

Served with roasted chicken!

Rick from St. Pete Run Club left me a comment about his new running club the other day so I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately I was the only one to show up 😦 But Rick was very nice and we had a nice 3 mile run from Bayboro Cafe to Museum of Fine Arts and back. It was actually fun to run with someone you’ve just met…you’re talking the whole time so it makes the run go by fast! Although I was dying from the heat.

The club meets at Bayboro Cafe, which I’d never heard of. I didn’t eat or drink anything while I was there, but their menu looked simple and yummy and the owners were very nice. If your a runner or a walker in St. Pete come join us Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.!

On my way home I had one of the most horrific experiences in my life so far. I had just gotten on to the highway and I saw a kitten fly out of someone’s car. I pulled over immediately and then it ran across the highway over to a grassy area. I pulled over to the other side and saw another car had stopped too. Together we tried to catch this poor thing, but he darted under a fence onto the other side. I eventually ran down the highway to the end of the fence and around to where the kitten was. I was able to catch him and hold him in my lap while the couple helping got a towel from their car to wrap him in. The poor thing was absolutely terrified. I ended up taking him to an emergency clinic, where they said they’d look him over and get him to a shelter.

I’ve heard of these kinds of stories on the news, but to actually witness something like this was absolutely terrible. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all night and was afraid I was going to have nightmares. I just cannot fathom this type of sickness in people. I wish I had gotten the license plate number, but it all happened so fast. It’s disgusting that there are people like this in the world.

Since this was a bummer post for the most part here’s a little something to lift your spirits again…

Lip Dub Proposal

So creative right??

Despite everything that happened yesterday I’m looking forward to a low key weekend!

Have you ever rescued an animal?

4 thoughts on “Kitten Saver

  1. Go Katie!! Me and Alex found a kitty in a parking lot and brought it to an animal er as well, they said they’d bring it to a shelter. Nothing as heroic as what you did you rock!!

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