A Little Bit of Everything

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone enjoyed their three day weekend (if you got one) and took a moment to remember what Memorial Day is all about.

My weekend started with a lovely dinner with my mom on Friday. She’s a vegetarian and loves mexican and italian food so those are usually our choices when going on. Friday we decided on BellaBrava.

I enjoyed the spaghetti and meatballs with a side Cesar salad and a glass of Chianti. I’ve had this dish before and it’s always a good choice. Sometimes no frills comfort food is where it’s at 🙂

For dessert we walked across the street to the Cassis bakery for some of the most delicious chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had. It was so creamy and chocolatey and perfect. Wish I had made them only give me one scoop though. A small is 2 scoops and I could barely finish it!

After our bellies were full we headed to the mall to restock on some makeup.

Sephora…every girl’s candy store. I’m not a big makeup person…even when going out I rarely do anything too crazy. I like looking natural. But I just love going down the isles and looking at all the pretty colors of eyeshadows, the unique packaging and smelling perfumes. I got to restock on my Bare Escentuals makeup (love!) Boy am I glad makeup lasts a long time because it is $$$.

Saturday Jon and I had plans of waking up early and heading to the last Saturday Morning Market of the season. Then we decided sleeping in sounded better. I’m a bit bummed we missed it, but I know I would have been dying in the heat if we went past 11 a.m.

Instead once we got up and dressed we headed to a new-to-us restaurant, Alesia.

We really enjoyed this place. Loved the simple decor and the room was bursting with natural sunlight. They also had a nice courtyard area, but we opted for air conditioning.

All those tables were filled by the time we left FYI.

The only down side was that with cement floors and wood tables it gets loud pretty quick when the place is full and when dishes are placed on the tables they echo.

Our waitress was really nice and sweet. Attentive without being too attentive. So rare to get top notch service so it’s always nice when we end up with a great server!

We started with an iced Vietnamese coffee for him and a jasmine tea for her. Poor Jon…he said the coffee was “perfect” but the glass they serve it in is as big as his hand and very thin. He finished it in 3 sips.

Loved the cup my tea came in! I want one.

For apps we got the summer rolls with pork and shrimp and shrimp chips.

The summer rolls were good and very fresh, but were in desperate need of some Thai basil.

We love shrimp chips and used to always get them at our fav asian market (which is now closed) so it was great to have these babies again. They served an apple “salsa” on the side which was a surprisingly great accompaniment.

For the main meal I went with their traditional banh mi, which included pate, salami, sopressata and ham. There was also a spicy kind of aioli on it, which Jon wasn’t a fan of, but I loved. Although Thuy Cafe still makes the best banh mi in my opinion, this was very good. The meats were great, but the bread could have been better.

Jon had the croque madam, which he gave two thumbs up. I had a bite and enjoyed it…I’ve never had this sandwich before though so I don’t have anything to compare it too.

With a great mix of excellent service, food and atmosphere, we will definitely be back to Alesia. There are so many other dishes I want to try!

Later that afternoon I headed over to a headshot photo shoot for a new website I’ll be a blogger for, which be launching in June!

Picked one of these up while I was there. Never tried it before, but it was pretty good! For some reason iced tea drinks like these make me more thirsty…am I alone in this?

Sunday we had another epic dinner at a friend’s house.

We started by making pork potstickers. Jon taught our friend’s Joe and Mandy’s daughter, Bella, how to make them. She was a pro 🙂

Finsihed product…delish! I ate way too many of these.

Lots of grilling went on!

After some cornhole and playing with Bella dinner was ready.

Grilled corn on the cob, grilled asparagus, ribeye steak, bbq pork chop, cheeseburger and mac and cheese that Jon made. When there’s this much food I always like to try a little bit of everything 🙂

We also nibbled on some amazing watermelon and rice krispee treats for dessert.

Food coma was spent on the couch watching We Bought a Zoo. Cute movie but the script was kind of lacking.

Monday I enjoyed yet another morning of sleeping in. Then spent the day with my mom. Later my friend, Lora and I went on a run through downtown and Jon and I wrapped up the night with leftovers and Mad Men. The last episode was SO good. Very interesting showing of dynamics between women shown through Joan and Peggy.

It’s going to be a quiet week around here…not much planned…yet!

How was everyone’s long weekend?

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