BAIT Nite at The Pier Aquarium

Happy Friday! So looking forward to a three day weekend.

Last night was BAIT Nite at The Pier Aquarium. This is a new monthly friend-raising event that the aquarium is putting on. I’m on the planning committee for the event and have been helping with logistics and securing our partner non-profits for each event. We could have used some more people, but I think it went pretty well for the first event.


Local brewery, Cigar City, did a beer tasting.

Food by Jonny Reno’s and Margaret Ann’s Catering.

Local artist BC Woo was doing some live painting.

Lots of mingling.

My buddies Lora and Sam came to support! Jon was there too 🙂

The best part though was the Critter Sex Talk. This evening’s critter: the octopus.

Did you know…

Octopus’ only live for 2-5 years and their sole purpose in life is to reproduce.

A male octopus has a slit on the end of one of his tentacles that holds sperm pockets. He can mate with a female up close or from a tentacle’s length away.

Sometimes the male’s tentacle will break off and stay with the female (most bizarre fact!)

The female “decorates” her living space with strings of her eggs. Her purpose is to then watch the eggs and make sure they stay safe. She doesn’t even leave to go get food.

After the eggs hatch the female usually dies on her first time out to get food because she is so weak from not eating and is more vulnerable to predators. 😦

BAIT Nite was fun and I can’t wait until our next meeting so we can start talking about ways to make it even better!

As we were leaving a downpour had started. Despite the rain we managed to find a place and head into one of our favorite bars, Mandarin Hide.

It was $4 Moscow Mule night. One of the best drinks ever.

It was still pouring when we left. We definitely needed the rain, but I’m glad to see sunshine today!

On deck for the weekend:

Dinner with mom

Saturday Morning Market (the last one of the season :()

Photo shoot for freelance blogger gig

Photo shoot for some fun photos for the blog

And I’m sure some other fun stuff mixed in!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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