Epic Snow Crab Dinner

Happy almost Friday!

It’s been a week full of meetings around here. Monday was a BAIT Nite meeting (event I’m helping plan for The Pier Aquarium) then a St. Pete Young Professionals meeting. I have to say I’m really enjoying SPYP. I joined through work and I feel much more connected to what’s going on in our fine city and how we can better it. Tuesday was a St. Pete Shakes meeting. Great things happening! Including our Beer with the Bard event that starts June 14.

Yesterday’s convo with myself:

Self 1: It’s too hot to run.

Self 2: But the treadmill is soooo boring!

Self 1: Ok, let’s do this. 2 miles shouldn’t be too bad.

Self 2: Woo, I feel great! Maybe 3 miles?

Self 1: Let’s do it!

Self 2: Ok, now I’m feelin’ the heat. Maybe just 2.

Self 1: How about 2.25?

Self 2: Ok, I’ll power through…how about 2.5?

Self 1: Ok, we need to head back cause Imadienow.

Needless to say I had a very mentally tough run yesterday. Since there’s no races coming up I’m purely doing maintenance runs and sometimes I feel like I want to go farther than I am. But yesterday’s heat definitely got to me halfway through.

It’s views like these though that keep me outdoors.

Afterwards I treated myself to the supposed best post workout snack.

I failed to notice how much sugar it has though…26 grams per glass! Are there any brands that have less sugar?

I also did a bit more research on the whole chocolate milk thing. Apparently it is proven to be the best post workout drink because it rehydrates with a good mix of carbs, protein and fat to rebuild your muscles. BUT it seems like it’s best for long distance runners and more serious athletes. Hm. I might not need it for my measly 2-3 miles. Oops.

After I showered and changed I headed to the beach to meet up with Jon and some friends for a snow crab dinner. It was epic for sure.

Grilled corn. It was so sweet and delicious!

Grilled pineapple. Yum!

Boiled snow crabs, andouille sausage and red potatoes. Holy yum. I had quite the time trying to crack the crab legs to get the meat out…Jon had to do most of it for me! I don’t like to work for my food 🙂

Our friend Scotty has a special way of buttering his corn.

Apparently you fill a jug with water and put melted butter on the top. Stick your corn in and that way all of the kernels get covered in butter. It certainly worked but I never heard of this!

What a feast!

BAIT Night is tonight…very excited! Recap to come.

5 thoughts on “Epic Snow Crab Dinner

  1. Katie: I am starting a run club in St. Pete. Please check out stpeterunclub.com These non-timed Wednesday evening runs can be used for tempo, speed, maintenance, or any reason. All are welcome. There is a one-time $10 fee and the venue – Bayboro Cafe – has great post-hot weather run food like ahi bites and a hummus and tzatziki plate! (April, the co-owner is an awesome caterer btw…) Beer & wine – much like the food – better selection and cheaper than Fishtales!

    The club is not connected to the Cafe except for using it as the start and end, FYI. The run is basically out and back along Bayshore – with the turnaround falling almost at the front door of the Vinoy.

    Please check it out and consider helping get the word out and please come for a run soon and be a founding member! And bring friends!


  2. Also – just noticed you are involved with Junior League – I was at the thrift sale in February – and I won the drawing for the bucket full of microbrews!

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