Slowed Down

Happy Friday! This week seemed to go a lot faster than this week!

This was a week of kitchen experiments for me…we were hosting our St. Pete Shakes meeting at mine and Jon’s place this past Wednesday and we were all pitching in for dinner. So I decided to make a sweet treat of butterscotch blondies.

They were super easy to make, but I wasn’t thrilled with them. They were a little too sweet and the butterscotch pieces I got didn’t melt well…so not much ooey gooey goodness. I was cheap and bought the Publix brand, but Publix brand usually doesn’t let me down. After the cookies and these we’re probably going to take a break from desserts in the house 🙂

For dinner we had pizza and I just have to tell all locals that Cappy’s is AWESOME. One of the best pizza places in St. Pete by far. I had a slice of pepperoni and a slice of cheese and actually preferred the cheese. They put a lot of yummy herbs on it and it has so much flavor. And I even ate most of my crust (I usually leave it on my plate) because of it’s buttery goodness.

Last night I wanted to have my mom over and make stuffed shells. I love how I thought I could get home at 4 p.m. make marinara sauce, go to a tabata class, come home, finish everything and have dinner on the table at 7 p.m. Ya, I’m not that smooth yet. I’m a slow prepper. I also put the heat on too high when I was heating up olive oil in our Le Creuset pot. Now it has a nice big burn mark in the middle of it 😦 After that incident I started looking at the clock and seeing where I was…ya didn’t make that tabata class.

Stress during cooking = No documentary photos

Luckily the shells came out pretty good. Jon and mom really liked them. Despite it taking me a few hours it was an easy recipe. And I’m glad I decided to make my own sauce! It was pretty good…a touch too sweet for my taste…need to find a good brand of canned tomatoes. The filling of the shells was very good. I forgot to salt and pepper it (yes I’m that bad) but it didn’t seem to effect it too much.

Also, I have to mention my yummy lunch salad of choice this week. Turkey, strawberries, gorgonzola, walnuts, cucumbers and my fav Brianna’s french vinnagrette dressing.

Yum. I needed a switch up in my salad this week and this was perfect!

I’ve had a slow week of workouts. I went to Boot Camp Monday morning and during class I got a heart palpitation. I’ve had them for my whole life…that feeling where your heart is pumping out of your chest at an abnormal rate. I’ve visited a few cardiologists and each have told me it’s nothing to be concerned about. But it annoying when I get them, especially during workouts. I tried to work through it and ended up going a lot slower in class than I normally would. Mistake. By the end it was really bad and I couldn’t wait to get home and lie down. Once I did it stopped, but I was a little scared there for a bit.

The same thing happened this morning at Boot Camp. But this time I said something to our instructor and sat out until it passed. Much better choice, but I also took it slow this morning just in case.

Just another example to listen to your body during workouts. Don’t be embarrassed to say anything or worry about looking weak. You need to take care of you! Just my PSA for the day.

Jon and I are headed to Cape Coral this weekend! Haven’t been in awhile so looking forward to a fun weekend with his fam and our friends.

Have a good weekend!

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