Cookies, Happy Hour and a New Dress

Ghiradelli chocolate chip cookies are the bomb.

So far in my life they’re the best homemade cookies I’ve made. I use the recipe right on the back of the Ghiradelli chocolate chip bag. And I add walnuts. Quick, simple, easy.

They’re that perfect mixture of crunchy and chewy and nothing beats having one of these gooey ooeys straight from the oven.

Jon had been requesting cookies for a few weeks and I had been hankering for them as well, so I finally remembered to get some chocolate chips at the store. These never dissapoint! Although I have yet to try the New York Times best chocolate chip cookie recipe, which according to Pinterest, is out of this world.

I probably had the most unhealthy day that I have had in a long time yesterday.

I always eat a nice healthy breakfast. But then lunch came. I had brought a burrito from Taco Bus that Jon had gotten me when he called the night before saying he was picking up dinner and I was already half way done with stir fry leftovers.

Then after work we all gathered at the Postcard Inn beach bar for goodbye drinks with a coworker who is moving.

The whole hotel has a really cool retro surfer theme to it. And the bar was pretty cool too.

I got the Hunch Punch, which was made with moonshine, pineapple juice, orange juice and grenadine. It was dangerously good and quite strong so I only had one. We ordered a bunch of appetizers to munch on as well. I had a few bites of almost everything. Two wings (not thrilled with them), a coconut shrimp (awesome!) and a few beef nachos (also really good).

After some chatting I left to go get my mom for some errands and dinner. One of our stops was Old Navy. I used to never like this store, but now everytime I go in there I walk out with something. I’m kind of a plain Jane. I like clothes with simple to no designs so I can wear them forever. And Old Navy is pretty good about supplying those kind of clothes. I got a new pair of running leggings, the cutest sleep shorts with seahorses on them, an extra pair of these shorts that I really like and this dress.

Isn’t it pretty? I love the color and simplicity of it. I can easily wear it out to dinner or to a cocktail hour. I’m always finding I need more nicer dresses for Junior League events and other professional type outside of work events. This fits the bill.

After some shopping we headed to Macaroni Grill for dinner. I hadn’t been here for AGES. I’m not a big fan of chains, but for anyone who knows the Tyrone area in St. Pete there’s not too many options for local eating. But, I’m going to say it, it wasn’t half bad. The atmosphere is pretty nice and the service was excellent. I loved seeing that they still do a lot of the same things like have a woman sing “happy birthday” in Italian to you on your birthday, have the servers write their name on the paper table cover and have “learn to speak Italian” recordings in the bathroom. The menu had changed some since I’d last been. It was two sided on a long piece of paper and really had the feel of an Italian bistro…much nicer to look at than a laminated menu. I noticed my old favorite (the Pasta Milano) but decided to give the Chicken Scallopine a try. The food was just ok…nothing special, but definitely edible. We also got the house Chianti, which they pour very generously.

Thank goodness I had three days of awesome workouts at Fit for Fashion this week. I’ve now been back for a month and I feel awesome. I will never stray again!

I also signed up for this December’s Color Run. So excited! They seem to be doing one everywhere so I’m sure there’s one where you’re located!

I have a looong day at work today. Going to see Rocky Horror tomorrow night. Then Mother’s Day Sunday. It’s going to be a fun, not-too-busy-thank-goodness type of weekend 🙂

What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

P.S. This came up in my Facebook newsfeed the other day. Love it!

Pre-run Yoga Poses for a Better Run

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