Alumni Love, Philanthropy and Allergies

Hi all!

Some fun stuff has been happening around here.

I got my hairs chopped off. I’ve had long hair for quite awhile, but with the already hot and humid days we’re experiencing here in FL I couldn’t stand to feel it on my shoulders anymore. So off it went! I love it though…I really needed a change!

This past weekend was Eckerd Alumni Reunion weekend! I didn’t officially register (just didn’t have the $$$) but I was on a planning committee for a few of them and got to go to those those since they were open and free. One being the EC Night Out at The Hurricane on St. Pete Beach. I took my friend/neighbor/coworker Ashley with me who’s also an EC alum and we had a great time. I’m not a fan of The Hurricane’s food so it’s been awhile since I’ve gone there. The event was on the rooftop bar, which I never knew they had. It was so beautiful up there! It was a bit windy, the roof shingles kind of shifted below your feet but the view was wonderful and the drinks cheap.

The next day I planned to do my first outdoor run in my 5K training (I’m a treadmill runner) but because of a late night and cheap wine I didn’t think I had time to drive downtown so I just went down to the gym. Then it was off to EC Beach Day at Ft. Desoto. It was an absolutely gorgeous day out…perfect for the beach. I only stayed an hour, but wish I had brought Jon and my swimsuit to stay and soak up the beautifulness. P.S. BBQ food is so wonderful after a good run 🙂


That same night I had a team bonding event for work at a Lightning game. Once again I got to live it up in a suite which was fully catered with tons of yummy food, beer and wine.

Unfortunately, they lost, but it was a fun time all the same. After the game Ashley and I grabbed Jon and another work friend to keep the night going. We ended up at the new Wood Fired Pizza next to World of Beer downtown. I tried a few bites of the bianca pizza they got. The thin crust was really good. The pizza itself wasn’t too exciting, but I’d definitely give it another try. It’s pricey too! But they had a lot of cool sounding toppings including sirachi!

Sunday was a perfect day of relaxation that started with yoga at The Dali. It was a nice class with a great instructor. The atmosphere was neat, but since it’s not an actual yoga studio the space lacked a bit of the peacefulness that normally comes with a studio. Like people walking in during class and the sound of the cafe kitchen in the background. Still a nice experience though.

After yoga, Lora and I went to brunch at Cassis. I had a bellini with the smoked slamon BLT, which I’ve gotten before and it was just as good if not better. Cassis is one of my fav brunch places. It’s consistent and the atmosphere is so bright, airy and casual.

I’m a new member of the St. Pete Young Professionals, which is a part of the St. Pete Chamber, and they had a First Annual Philanthropy Fair yesterday. I ended up being “that person” who wore jeans and everyone else was in business casual…oops. Luckily, I’m not easily embarassed 🙂 What a great event though! As if I need another thing on my plate (I just want to say yes to every opportunity that comes my way). It was fun learning more about non-profits that I knew about and learning about ones I’d never heard about. I really do love volunteering. It makes you feel good while at the same time giving you added life/work experience. 

I did my first outdoor run on Tuesday, which actually went a lot better than I thought. 2.5 miles in 27:42 at a 11:13 pace. Not too shabby for someone who doesn’t run regularly right? I’m right about where I want to be. I know I’m not going to “win” the race. I just want the experience! Unfortunately, this week I’ve had post nasal drip, a scratchy throat and a hacking cough so that did not make my run fun. I went to a doctor yesterday though and found out I just have allergies. I never have allergies! Thanks loads of oak pollen flying around everywhere! I guess it’s really high this year so people who don’t even normally get allergies are getting them. Crazy.

Do you have really bad allergies right now? Do you like volunteering?

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