Painting, Food Trucks and New Sneaks

March already? I feel like everyone is saying that, but seriously the time really does fly.

Wednesday Jon and I went to our friend Scotty’s house for dinner with his girlfriend Olivia. He had been on a fishing charter all day and wanted to share the wealth 🙂

Fish tacos with homemade slaw and salsa. These were. so. good.

Thursday I joined a group from Junior League at Painting with a Twist. During March instead of a general membership meeting we do cluster events, which are fun things like wine tastings, spa night, movie night…and in this case, painting! I’d heard a lot about this place but have never been. I’ve had coworkers who have gone and their paintings turn out amazing. It’s really a fun thing to do with a group of friends or if you just want to unwind at the end of the day.

Once I got set up I poured myself some red wine and grabbed a tiny plate of cheese and apples. Here we go! So the deal is that everyone is painting the same thing. The finished painting is set up in front of the class and an instructor guides you through the whole painting. It’s really neat to see how everyone’s turns out. They’re all the same, but have their own flair!

I was freaking out a little with each stroke (hello perfectionist) but after a while I just went with it. I wasn’t too sure how I liked mine, but it’s grown on me 🙂 Even though I can’t seem to paint a straight line to save my life. I’ll definitely go back!

Friday, once we got off of work Jon and I headed to our friends Joe and Mandy’s house for dinner. Joe had been on the same fishing charter as Scotty so that meant more fresh fish!

We picked at these guys along with roasted asparagus and roasted potato wedges. Yum!

Saturday I had to go into work for a few hours but before I did I had one thing on my mind. Food trucks!

Food trucks have been growing here in Tampa Bay and this is the second time the Tampa Food Truck Rally had come to visit our neck of the woods. Not sure if they’ll be back though…there was hardly anyone there! Then again it’s far back from the road with only a little sign. You kind of had to know they would be there.


We first visited Monkey Fire Truck, which I’ve heard so many good things about. We got the gorilla balls (hehe) which were risotto balls with meat and bleu cheese. Served with a sauce that was like a thinned out jam. The ball itself was good, but not great. I did really like it with the sauce though…I’m a big fan of the sweet and savory combo. Next Jon went to get an Italian beef sandwich while I headed to The Killer Samich for a shredded pork slider. It had coconut and a ginger slaw on it. The meat was a bit dry, but overall I really enjoyed it! Jon’s Italian beef was really salty, kind spicy and really messy. Nothing to write home about. The last stop was to get an all natural frozen ice pop. I got the orange cream and it was fantastic! I craved another one for the rest of the day.

We were pretty tuckered out that night so we made it a night in with Chinese food and watched Shutter Island. I was afraid it was going to be scary, but thankfully it wasn’t (I hate movies that have things popping out at you). It was good but the ending was kind of expected.

Sunday we planned to get our usual dim sum, but the place was packed and we couldn’t even find a parking spot. No dim sum for us 😦 We decided to try this newer place downtown called Sab Cafe. It’s a mix of Thai and Vietnamese.

I ordered a Thai tea boba to start I kinda liked how it was served in a wine glass 🙂 It was too watery and not milky enough though. I added a packet of splenda, which helped a bit, but I only drank half of it. And the boba was a little too chewy…like it was old?

Jon started with the Tom Yun Goon soup, which is his favorite. The broth tasted like tomato soup and the shrimp were not the best. My entrée was the Bun Bowl, which is similar to the Beef Vermicelli I get at Pho Quyen. This only made me wish we were at Pho Quyen 😦 I liked it at first, but the more I hate the more I didn’t like it. There was nothing in particular that was bad…just didn’t hold a candle to what we normally get at our fav places.

Luckily, Jon made dinner that night to make up for it.

Roast chuck with roasted brussel sprouts and celery root and potato puree. Oh yeah.

In non-food news I got new sneakers!

Finally. I’ve been wearing my current ones for waaayyy too long and with a Groupon to Feet First and a 5K coming up I thought it was the perfect time to get a new pair. Apparently I’m a pronator and walk more on the inside of my feet. These are Asics. And are my favorite color (purple)! I ran in them for the first time yesterday and they felt pretty darn good. Like I was running on a cloud. I also bought shoe inserts to help support my feet. You’d think they were trying to upsell you, but I have heard from numerous sources that it’s good to have inserts in addition to a good pair of shoes.

What are your favorite running sneakers? Do you have food trucks where you live?

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