Diana Ross, Italian Night and Mexican Birthday

Hey all!

Last week was pretty uneventful besides me being productive on a freelance project. It involves interviewing local business owners and I’ve been loving getting to know a bunch of them. It’s so fulfilling to see what a tight knit and caring community we have here in St. Pete.

Anywho, my mom’s birthday was yesterday, but we celebrated last Friday. I took her for a yummy dinner at BellaBrava and to see Diana Ross at Mahaffey. BellaBrava is really growing on me. I never disliked it, but wrote it off as whatever American Italian food. But the service is always great there and the food is consistently good. Unfortunately we got seated next to a large party, but they were packed so no matter where we were it would have been noisy. That’s their biggest downfall. My mom got the Eggplant Parmesan Rollatini and I got the Chicken Picatta with mashed potatoes and green beans. Very good and a nice alernative to pasta. I also had a glass on Pinot Blanc, which I’d never heard of before, but it was very crisp and refreshing.

Diana Ross put on a great performance. The only thing I didn’t like was that she didn’t really talk to the audience like most performers. She didn’t even give a “thank you and goodnight”. Just did her last song and walked off. At first we thought she’d come back to do an encore like most performers, but when the lights came up and people started clearing the stage we knew that wasn’t going to happen. This was my first time seeing a show at the Mahaffey though and I loved it. Although our seats were in the second to last row we had a clear, full view. And the theater itself is very pleasing to the eye. Not a bad price for drinks either!


It was only 9:30 when the show got out so we headed to Old Farmer’s Creamery for some ice cream. This place is SO good and my go-to place for real ice cream. I tend to always get Superman (I’m such a five year old) but I was craving chocolate so I got Rocky Road. Mmm…they use real mini marshmallows too! I also always get a kids size. It’s the perfect size…you feel like you’ve satisfied a craving without feeling gross and that “oh my god did I just ALL of that?” feeling.

The next day I did a Junior League volunteer shift. Afterwards I called my friend Lora, who I needed to pick some stuff up from. Turns out she was out with some other lovely ladies having an afternoon cocktail so I decided to join them.


Yummy sangria overlooking the water at Fresco’s. Perfection. Except for the $9 value of that drink (!!!)

Later that night we headed to our friend Jan’s for Italian night. There was tons of pasta, chicken parm, turkey meatballs and wine. We were supposed to pop in a movie, but ended up chatting all night. How is it that always happens πŸ˜‰

Sunday we were supposed to meet up with an out-of-town friend for brunch, but she ended up not being able to make it. We headed to brunch anyway! Red Mesa Cantina, another consistent fav.

We started with the dip trio which has guac, queso and black bean dip. I tried their new Duck torta, which was good but not as good as the roasted pork. I’ll never get enough of those yuca fries though!


Enjoyed with a margarita πŸ™‚

For dinner that night I got to taste Jon’s Italian Wedding soup.Β 

I get a free turkey from work every Thanksgiving and it finally made its way out of the freezer. Earlier in the week he made BBQ turkey legs…

…with a sweet potato and kale with bacon. I know, I’m lucky. Then the turkey breasts got grinded for turkey meatballs and the bones went into a pot to make stock. Quite a lot of meals from one turkey!

Fast forward to yesterday, my mom’s actual birthday. We had her over and Jon made vegetable enchiladas with rice and refried beans. I love how I’ll set out to make something, he’ll say “want me to help?” and he’ll end up doing all the work…although we wouldn’t have been eating until nine if I had cooked πŸ™‚

Mexican feast!

Plus carrot cake for dessert. A tip for getting rid of uneatten birthday cake? Bring it to work the next day πŸ™‚

March is shaping up to be quite the exciting month. For one thing I signed up for my very first 5K!!! I’m so pumped and excited. I’ve been wanting to do one for a while now and finally sucked it up and registered. Training has been going well but I haven’t run a full 2 miles yet let alone 3. My goal is to run the whole time without stopping. It’s the Robinson Perseve Twilight 5K, which sounds really neat and pretty. Plus there’s a shindig afterwards.

What fun and exciting things do you have planned for March?

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