Elvis, Yoga and Birthdays

Needless to say none of the fun things I had planned for the weekend ended up happening. However, other fun things did ensue!

After I got home from work Friday, Jon asked if I wanted to go over to our friend’s house for dinner. We picked up some dinner stuff and headed over for a yummy dinner of BBQ chicken, potato salad and marinated veggies. They have a 6 year old daughter who is adorable and ran around in a Ninja Turtle costume for most of the time we were there. All I can say is…it’s going to be a looong time before we have kids 😉 Love her, but wow what energy! After dinner (it was around 10) I was getting sleepy so I went to lay down on their couch. We all started watching a movie and I promptly passed out.

Saturday was spent doing some errands with my mom. Then she mentioned that there was going to be an Elvis impersernator at The Palladium that night. I dig Elvis and I know my mom does to so we went! This guy was pretty impressive. He went for about 3 hours with only a 15 minute intermission! He sang just like Elvis and some people who had seen Elvis in person said they thought he was better than Elvis! The guy was really entertaining.

It was past 11 when I got home and I already had my jammies on when Jon’s brother (who had come up to St. Pete for the night with some friends) called us to come out and join them for drinks. We quickly rallied and headed downtown. After a few of my fav drinks at Mandarin Hide (The Brooklyn and the Moscow Mule…get ’em) we headed next door to The Garden and got our dance on. It has been agggeees since I went out dancing. I’m much more of a chill at home or a quiet courtyard type of gal, but given the right atmosphere and the right people I let my fun side come out 🙂 Especially when the DJ is playing everything from “Runaround Sue” to “Footloose” to Katy Perry to Run DMC. It was a crazy awesome mix.

I was supposed to meet my friend Lora for yoga the next day. When my head didn’t hit the pillow until 4 a.m. I was certain that that  was not going to happen. However, my eyes opened close to 10 a.m. and texts from Lora motivated me to get up. Before I knew it I was in my yoga clothes heading to Yogani in Tampa. So glad I got up! The class was great and just what I needed. I always have a hard time going to yoga…I have a very active brain and it’s hard for me to relax so I’m always afraid I’ll get bored. But then I end up feeling so refreshed. It has definitely been awhile since I’d been though…my arms were sore Monday! After yoga we had lunch at Whole Foods and I did some grocery shopping. I really need someone to shop with me at health food stores…I just want to buy everything! They call it Whole Paycheck for a reason.

We had an amazingly healthy and simple meal that night. Sockeye salmon (so pretty!), wild rice (WF brand is bleh) and asapargus.

Jon also made some pretty awesome soup for us to have throughout the week. Cannelli beans, bacon, greens, tomatos and shredded chicken. Mmm mmm good.


This week hasn’t been too exciting so far. Jon and I are not really celebrators of Valentine’s Day. We did have my mom over for dinner though. We made homemade butternut squash ravioli with a browned butter sage sauce. Um. Yeah. Delish. And of course some red wine and chocolates. I’d never been to Schakolad before and was excited to try these babies. They were very good, but Jon and I both agreed that we liked Sweet Divas better.


Jon and my mom also humored me by watching Glee with me. Well, Jon was on the internet the whole time and my mom kept trying to talk to me, but ya know. I’ve missed a few episodes and I clearly need to catch up on some of the stories!

Yesterday was my friend Lora’s birthday. A bunch of us went to BellaBrava for her birthday dinner. It was a fun time filled with good food, wine and conversation. I knew exactly what I was in the mood for too so ordering was easy. A glass of Chianti, Cesar Salad and Spaghetti and Meatballs please. Their cesar is very good with nice buttery crutons. The spaghetti was better last time I had it, but it didn’t stop me from devouring practicially the whole dish.

Tonight should be a quiet night. Lora’s having her actual party tomorrow night so I’ll be prepping some apps and outfit planning (her party is Bond themed!). I have a work event all day Saturday and nothing planned Sunday so we’ll see where the day takes us!

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