Full Speed Ahead

Once again, it’s been awhile. It hasn’t even been that busy of a week, but after two full weekends of family fun I’ve been enjoying coming home and just plain lounging.

Last weekend Jon’s folks and sisters came up for the weekend. His sister Alyson got us all tickets to see Les Miserables as a Christmas gift. So they made a weekend of it 🙂

The show was really good! It’s hard to see shows that you’ve seen on Broadway because there’s really no way you can compare them *enter snob attack here*. I had a few problems with some of the folks that were cast, but luckily I wasn’t alone. Besides that the set was amazing and the show itself is just beautiful. I bawled like a baby at the end. Seriously, this musical is in my top 3 favorites. The other two? Wicked and Rent. If they move me to tears then it’s a favorite. For some reason I always choke up when Elphaba hits that last note in “Defying Gravity”. Every. single. time. Such a theater nerd.

Before the show we had “nibbles at noon”. (Sorry inside joke.) Since Jon was making dinner for everyone later I took over with making brunch.

I made a breakfast casserole where I loosely followed this recipe. I used spicy chicken sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and shredded cheddar cheese. I mixed in half of the cheese with everything and poured the rest evenly on top. It came out so yummy!

I also made an Orange Cranberry Walnut Bread. This was so super simple. I love recipes where you just mix everything together, pour and bake.

It broke up a lot 😦 Maybe cause it was fresh from the oven? The recipe does say to let it sit overnight. It was still very tasty! Not too sweet.

Fresh fruit from Fresh Market = Awesome

We saw a matinee show which was perfect. No rushing with dinner to get to a show and no getting out late and being tired from a long day. We wanted to wait for the rush of people leaving the area to die down some so we hit up a nearby bar, Taps.

Very simple, slightly modern place. They have a wide variety of wines and beers. I didn’t take a complete gander at the list, but most seemed a bit pricey. I ended up with a $7 Sauvignon Blanc, which was the cheapest. It was really nice and crisp, although the pour left more to be desired :/ To hold us over until dinner we ordered the Lumb  Crab and Artichoke Dip for the table. Served with pita it was very good. Right amount of cheesiness and plenty of lumb crab. However, this baby was $13. Maybe I’m a cheapskate, but it seemed like a lot for what we got.

Once we got home The Chef got to work assembling dinner. He recreated our fav dish from a local restaurant which is a short rib sandwich. Made with Fresh Market all natural white bread (omg delish), delicious short ribs, marinated red onions and gooey fontina cheese, these sandwiches were to die for. Served with homemade tomato soup. Talk about a comfort meal!

After dinner and some chatting Jon’s folks went back to the beach, where they were staying at a resort (part of their Xmas gift). My mom stuck around a bit to chat, but eventually decided to go back downstairs. The rest of us went back and forth with whether or not we wanted to hit up downtown. Before we knew it we were in PJs and pressing play on the movie 50/50. Very good movie (Joesph Gordon-Levitt is a cutiepie), but a tearjerker for sure.

The next morning we exposed his sisters to our weekend tradition…dim sum at Ha Long Bay! So good.

After we got back the sisters were on their way home and Jon and I passed out on the couch for a good part of the day.

This week has been pretty uneventful. Due to some appointments my work schedule was a little wonky so it was pretty much take out city for us. We hit up Taco Bus with my mom on Tuesday, I picked up Thai on Wednesday and we went out to eat at Cafe Vienna last night. We’ve pretty much covered the globe 🙂

Looking forward to the weekend! Hoping to hit up a wine tasting, a sidewalk sale and an art party.

Thought of the Day

I really need to join a gym. Or I wish personal trainers weren’t so expensive. I’ve been trying to work out by myself for the past few months and it just isn’t working. I love the workouts that I’ve been getting from blogs, but classes (esp. bootcamp) seem to work better for me. I seem to push myself more and workout longer when around other people. Hoping to take some test runs at Gold’s Gym and YMCA in the next few weeks. I just hate commitment! I loved the classes I was doing at Fit for Fashion, but it’s far away (and gas is expensive) and to go there all the time can get a bit pricey.

Do you have a gym membership? Or do you workout on your own?

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