Whacky Wednesday

I love concerts. I love friends. I love Jon.

I love “Whacky Wednesdays”.

Yesterday Jon and I got pumped up to go see The Mountain Goats at Crowbar in Ybor City. I’m not a big fan of Ybor and had never been to Crowbar so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

We started off our night at Pho Quyen with the normal delicious Vietnamese food.

Luckily it didn’t take us too long to find a good parking spot. We walked by Crowbar and the line was looong so we made a stop at Gaspar’s Grotto to have a drink first. By the time we got back the line was gone 🙂

Crowbar is actually a pretty neat place. Strings of white Xmas lights give a nice ambiance and they have a nice outdoor patio area. There’s 3 bars so you hardly have to wait for a drink. Actually we didn’t have to wait at all and the bartender was super nice. Drinks were a reasonable price as well at $5 wells.

Once the first band came on (Nurses) it was easy to see that there wasn’t a bad standing spot in the place. Also, the show was sold out, but I never felt overcrowded.

After the first band finished I got a text from our friend Nick, which was a photo of Jon’s sister, Tori looking up at the Crowbar sign. I was a bit confused and then got really excited as I texted back “Are you here???” Mind you they both live in Cape Coral so it’s not like we see them that often. And they’re awesome people. Hence the excitement. Then came another text to go outside.

Those goofballs.

Unfortunately somebody didn’t have tickets so somebody couldn’t get into the show. So we directed them to Gaspar’s Grotto and we went in to enjoy the awesomeness that was The Mountain Goats.

After the show we met back up with them and all I can say is I really should have taken more photos. I played beer pong for the second time in my life (Note: I do not like or drink beer and I was also the DD so none was consumed) and I’m actually pretty darn good at it 😉

Here’s to continued fun into the weekend!

Have you been to any fun concerts lately?

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