Living Local

How was everyone’s weekend! Mine was fun and busy, just the way I like it πŸ™‚


Potluck Day at work! Unfortunately potluck days are loosing steam. hardly anyone brings anything in anymore 😦

There was still some goodies though!

It was a LONG work week so when it came to dinner we took the Chinese takeout route.

General Tso with the last of my woodchuck cider.


Saturday was my first day “on the job” for a freelance project I’m working on. I got to go around interviewing local business owners, which was both fun and interesting. Definitely learned more about what it’s like to own your own business and also the history behind some popular St. Pete places.

The morning started off with Cafe con Leche at Pipo’s.

I normally stay away from coffee and espresso because I get heart palpitations (I’m fine with tea), but I needed some caffeine and cafe con Leche sounded so good.

I slurped it down like it was my job. De-lish.

Lunch was at Ferg’s. Never actually eatten here and it was pretty good!

Meatball sliders with a side of apple. I love how they cut it into slices…I like it so much better then having to bite into one. Weird I know!

Later I attended St. Pete’s first ever Cash Mob. A cash mob is basically where a group of people all gather and then hit up a local store all “flash mob” style and buy something to support that business. We ended up at Haslam’s. I love bookstores. There’s something so peaceful about them. I had 3 different books in my hand at one point, but finally settled on one. Which I’m embarrassed to say…I can’t remember the title! Eek I’ll let you know later.

I was ready to keep the busy-ness going and Jon and I had dinner and a party on the schedule, but only ended up with dinner. We were half tired and half too full to do anything but lounge on the couch.

Dinner was at a favorite, Cafe Vienna.

Jon insisted we try something different this time (I’m such a creature of habit) so I got the Pork Alfredo. It was really good and exactly what I was in the mood for. Pork stuffed with goat cheese and spinach. Some kind of gravy on top? Veggies and potatoes on the side.

We both got a hankering for something sweet later in the night.

So I whipped up some 5 minute chocolate chip cake. Love this stuff! So easy and it kicks the chocolate craving. However, this batch didn’t get mixed too well (oops) and I used a different recipe which wasn’t as good as the first one I tried.


After such a busy Saturday and a long time since we had a weekend by ourselves at home, we totally just sat on our butts Sunday.

That is, after we made a trip to Halong Bay for dim sum, another favorite place of ours πŸ™‚

BBQ pork steam buns, dumplings, lotus leaf rice and custard buns just to name a few.

About a year ago Jon had gotten the flu…he thought he was feeling better so we went to get dim sum and ordered one of our favs, salt and pepper calamari. Needless to say he was not better and all that food made him worse. Ever since then we haven’t ordered the calamari because it brings up some not so nice memories. Well…we ordered it Sunday cause Jon wanted to give it a whirl.

Unfortunately, it still made him think of that dreaded day 😦 This stuff is so good though. It’s rich and crispy, and with all the cracklings on top it’s very addictive.

After a whole day of lounging Jon pulled together a last minute dinner of curry lentil soup.

Lentils with pureed chic peas and spinach, curry and probably some other fun things I missed πŸ™‚ So good and so healthy!

Monday was nothing special, but I did try out my new heart monitor watch! Separate post on that to come.

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