Hands Need Exercise Too

Hello! Happy Friday!

I’m sad there will be no more 4 day work weeks :/ It’s so nice to think that Tuesday is Monday and then be reminded! haha

Recent Eats

This is hot cocoa.

The best hot cocoa ever.

The Chef used the chocolate hazelnut Ghiradelli (love) hot cocoa powder with whole milk (I know) and Kaluha and orange zest. And of course marshmallows! They really do make a difference. This was perfect on one of the cold nights we’ve been having here in St. Pete (I know I’m a wuss who gets cold if it drops below 60, sue me).

I’ve been dragging on the whole “taking photos of your food” thing but there’s been no earth shattering meals this week so don’t feel you missed out.

Yesterday was the basic egg white and english muffin combo…except this time instead of Smart Balance I had raspberry jam. Whoa now.

Lunch was leftover stir fry. Jon’s meat that he brought home helped a bit, but overall I am not pleased with the recipe. It may be the rice or it may be my lack of kitchen skills, but either way it just kinda sucks. Banana for dessert!

I need to get better at snacking. I honestly just forget most of the time. We were having my mom over for dinner last night so I immediately went home to clean and tidy up. This also means that cleaning was my workout of the day 😉 Before I knew it it was 6 p.m. and dinner wasn’t going to be ready for another hour and a half so I chomped on some almonds.

Dinner was fantastic. Butternut squash lasgana with bechmel. Holy yum. Wish I had gotten a pic but Jon wasn’t totally pleased with it so I knew he’d scowl if I tried to document it.

The meal was accompanied by our favorite wine from Total Wine. It’s their best selling Pinot Noir (at least here it is). I’ll have to post a pic when I remember because it really is so good and a great value.

Today’s breakfast was a change up.

These guys…

Sprinkled the milled chia seed across the PB and added a sliced banana on top. This was my first time trying the sandwich thins. They’re good, but I think I’d prefer a piece of toast instead. But they were BOGO at Publix so I’m livin’ with them for the next few weeks.

Now onto the title…

Hand Exercises

Over the past few months I’ve noticed my hands/fingers starting to semi-hurt, semi-get cramped up at times during the work day. I have a desk job so am constantly typing. Plus I have an iPhone. ’nuff said there. This was a great reminder that there are parts of our body that tend to get ignored. We’re so caught up in what our abs or thighs or butt looks like that we forget our hands (and feet!) need some love too. Think about it…we use our hands constantly!

So I turned to Google and found a few helpful sites:



Hopefully they will help you as they will hopefully help me 🙂

Do you experience any carpel tunnel or arthritis in your hands? Any suggestions on hand exercises/stretches?

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