Leading With the Right Foot

Hey all!

I really like this coming home after work and having nothing to do thing 🙂 Of course my calendar is slowly filling up again, but it’s nice to have a break after such a busy few months.


Back to work!

Breakfast wasn’t pretty but it was yummy! Rolled oats cooked via microwave with skim milk and a sprinkle of salt. Added a tablespoon of milled chia seed, banana and a drizzle of maple syrup afterwards. I’m used to heating up packets of oatmeal but not just plain oats. I think I can heat it for less time…I did a half cup of oats and just added enough milk to cover them. It flooded over and ended up being too thick. But hey it still tasted good!

I’m trying to be better about bringing my lunch from home (saves money and calories!) and so far it’s been working out. For lunch I mixed up half a pouch of Bumble Bee salmon (tastes/smells just like tuna to me) and a can of Bumble Bee tuna with a few tablespoons of greek yogurt, a table spoon of sweet relish and a few hefty dashes of celery seed. Simple but yummy!


I ate it with some crackers. Also brought a big garden salad that included spinach, tomato, cucumbers and chicpeas. Plus some drizzles of my fav Brianna’s dressing. After I polished the crackers off I put the rest on top of the salad. Yum!

Ended with half of a yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from Kahwa!


After work I got myself motivated to get my fit on. I printed out Courtney’s Walking Interval Treadmill workout and headed down to the gym. It was a doozy! Like she says you may want to adjust the pace according your height. I’m 5’3″ and have short legs so I def had to modify it. Anything 4.0 and up I knocked down a few notches to where it felt more like a brisk walk rather than an almost run. After that I did Gina’s leg burner, which I loved! I’d never down clock lunges or sumo burpees before so it was a nice change up.

For dinner we went to our go to Vietnamese place, Pho Quyen. I got my usual BBQ Beef on Rice Vermecili.

Mmm mmm good.

Then it was off to Total Wine since we were in dire need of restocking our supply! We’ve vowed never to buy wine from Publix again…every bottle we pick out is either skunked or just awful wine.

Crazy Dream

This may be totally random but I just have to share. Monday night I had a crazy and vivid dream. I can still remember the details! I dreamed I was pregnant and I was sitting around trying to figure out my due date. I then realized that it was in a few days and started FREAKING OUT because I was nowhere near ready. I ran to tell my mom about all the stuff we needed to do. I had never been to a doctor’s appointment and didn’t have baby clothes, furniture, etc. Nothing! Luckily I already know that dreaming of pregnant means your “giving birth to a new idea” or that something new is on the horizon. So that’s a good thing! But I wonder what the freaking out about not being ready was all about??


Breakfast was a normal favorite…

Egg whites with chedder cheese, salt, pepper, paprika and herbs de provence. With a toasted english muffin and OJ 🙂

I had a lunch meeting today at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s. Not my favorite place, but I have found a few go to healthier options. I ended up with the Grilled Chicken wrap and a side garden salad with balsamic. They serve the wrap with mayo AND a side of ranch. Um, ew? It’s either one or the other for me but my goodness not both! I skipped the mayo and got the ranch, which I only used a little of.

For my workout today I did the Running Interval workout IGE recently posted plus the WOD that she got from Tina. I’m all about the blog support lately! Again I modified. My body cannot physically go up to a 9 or 10 pace. I changed all the 5s to 3s, the 8s to 6s, the 9s to 7s and the 10s to 8s. And I ended it after 20:45. It was a short and sweaty workout! The WOD was a bit of a challenge. I tried to talk myself into stopping after 5 rounds since I’m just getting back into working out after a long hiatus and I was feeling fatigued. But I found my energy and pushed through! You’ll always regret stopping, but you’ll never regret finishing 🙂

The Chef is cooking up dinner now…flank steak he brought home from work mixed my leftover stir fry.

Thought of the Day

Workout for you and no one else. I thought about this while working out yesterday. About how I’ve gotten myself into a really good place in terms of body image. I workout and eat healthy for my overall health, not because I want to loose weight. Of course there are those days I look in the mirror and point out my “problem” areas, but anytime I do I immediatly tell myself that every body is different and I remind myself of all the good things my body does for me. I may never have six pack abs or completely get rid of my cellulite, but as long as I am working out and eatting healthy on a regular basis I know I will be happy 🙂

How do you do your workouts? Do you go to a gym, make up your own or get them from blogs?

Any crazy dreams lately?

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