Christmas 2011

It’s been awhile…

December was CRA-zy.

I love being busy, but it’s nice to finally come home and have absolutely. nothing. to. do.

Let’s start with a recap of Christmas shall we?

This Christmas was…different and wonderful at the same time. This was mine and my mom’s first Christmas in Florida. And mine and Jon’s first Christmas together.

It was very strange to pull on shorts and a t-shirt as my merry apparel. And strange to crank up the air conditioner in the car on the way to Cape Coral.

It was overwhelming and wonderful to walk into a house with 11 loved ones and 6 dogs (also loved ones) hugging, kissing (and jumping on) you. And to see Jon’s parent’s house fully decked out in it’s Christmas gear. And the presents. Oh the presents. It was like Santa’s workshop!

It was wonderful to see the platters of cookies and to smell Christmas dinner cooking. Wonderful to place our presents next to others. To see the joy on everyone’s faces when they opened them. To actually be there to open up our gifts as well.

It was strange to be spending this big holiday not around our modest kitchen table in CT. Not having snow on the ground outside and not being bundled up in thick socks and a robe. It was strange to once again not be spending a Christmas with my Dad.

Despite any strangeness though, the wonderful sure was wonderful.

Before Christmas Day, there’s Christmas Eve. Jon had already left for home so it was just me and my mom. I made us our standard Christmas dinner that she has always made. It’s a vegetarian quiche made with swiss cheese and Morningstar meatless crumbles. I love it. It’s also the only true home cooked meal my mom would make growing up so it has a special place in my heart.

I also spent the day making my chocolate hazelnut tart. I didn’t create the recipe, but it’s quickly becoming my “signature” dish. This is the third (maybe fourth?) time I’ve made it and is just as delicious each and every time.

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

Christmas Day dinner included prime rib, brussell sprouts with bacon, scalloped potatoes and yorkshire pudding. All made by The Chef. All delicious.

He even made a special dish my vegetarian mom 🙂

And no dinner is complete without begging pugs.

The loot:


I love that The Chef’s sister, brother and sister-in-law are all such avid travelers…it means fun, unique gifts 🙂

How was your Christmas?

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